Friday, April 1, 2011

Craft room on Crack!


Ok-so the reason for the title-my craft room has a lot of colors and patterns and more colors and more patterns. So, basically, it’s “addicted” to patterns.  Then, if there wasn't enough going on, I have a lime green wall and lime green carpet. The wall is fine, the crapet-I mean carpet, really has seen better days. 

No-I did not pick that carpet-it came with the house. If I had my way, I would rip it up and put it some lovely hard wood floors. That way if you ever came over to visit my humble abode, you would not see the hot glue, or the buttons, or the push pins or the nails that hide in the carpet.

You are so jealous of my green carpet right now, aren't’ you? I know, I paint such a pretty picture!
On to the pretty part of the room. The décor! No room in my house is safe from my décor addiction!


I have an addiction to letters. All kinds of letters. Wood, plastic, foam whatever.
I thought that this little daily reminder of how one should be, was a nice way to use some of them up.
Also, doesn’t this picture make you want to come in and put your feet up?
Please say yes, because that is totally what I am going for.

I am the proud owner of an Ikea shelving system. I love if for the storage, I hate it because I can see all of my crap. Now, I know that Ikea sells drawers and cupboards and such to make it a better utilized piece of furniture. BUT, I wanted to cutesify mine. 


I headed to the fabric store and purchased some fun fabrics in all kinds of patterns. Stripes, polka dots, flowers etc.. They don’t match, and I am totally ok with that!
I then begged my husband to cut me some tension rods to fit the squares. He did  this ever so willingly, and he didn’t swear more than 5 times. I picked up the tension rods at Wal-mart for $2.48. My sweet, supportive,non-eye rolling husband, used his pipe cutter to cut these to fit. And, because I can’t sew, I then hot glued a pocket for the rod to fit in and hung my “curtains” up. Ikea shelves never looked so pretty! Plus-my curtains hide all of my crap!

I found my fabric at My heritage fabrics in North Ogden and
Since I was the band leader of the pattern parade-I thought that I would make a banner as well. No words, just lots of color and different patterns.I went through my fabric stash and cut triangles in different sizes. I then stapled the triangles to some ribbon and hung them from the ceiling. I love how these look when you walk into the room. I think that they say, “lets party!”


My favorite wall in the room is my Tree wall. I LOVE it! I don’t know a whole lot of people who have a giant tree made out of craft paper and liquid starch.  You know me, always tyring to be as different as possible.


Now, my craft room wall used to look like this.  It was great and all, but I didn’t LOVE it. So, I ripped it all done and started over.I used the liquid starch technique but, instead of using fabric for the tree, I used craft paper. The leaves are made from fabric and adhered the same way. I then added some flowers made from embroidery hoops and round bulletin boards. I used some fabulous fabric and ribbon from So-if you are wondering…

YES-you can use liquid starch to adhere both fabric and paper to your wall. You use the exact same technique and it does NOT ruin your wall and it is NOT permanent.  Fabulous right?


I adhered the leaves (fabric) and the stems of the flowers(ribbon) with liquid starch as well. The flowers are nailed to the wall, or hung using push pins. (my favorite hanging tools)

I added the vinyl CREATE from   I LOVE this saying!
Are you starting to see a pattern here? I LOVE a lot of stuff in my room.

What tree is complete without a birds nest? And just because I can, cause it’s my room and all. I hung the picture that I had done of my husband and I, on the branch. (if you are wondering about this, you can read all about here.)
Why did I hang this on the wall? On the tree no less?
Remember the old rhyme from 3rd grade? The one that you would chant at your little friends just to bug them?
“Kal and Tausha sitting in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g!”
I didn’t do this on purpose. I just hung it on a random nail to get it off the floor. I loved how it looked and decided to keep it

I also found an old school clock, hung it on the wall, and then used patterned packing tape in a fun, yellow pattern, to make the clock look like a sun. This idea was so simple & cheap and one of my favorite things in the room. 

(totally random tangent-this clock fell off the wall and completely severed my speaker wire to my computer. Not kidding! I could not have cut it that perfectly. My husband was not impressed. He said my stupid $1 clock just cost us $50 because we have to buy new speakers.  He still wasn’t that impressed with my clock, even when I turned it into a sun!-what a punk!)


See those strategically placed pompom’s? Wondering why in the heck I have a corner full of tissue paper?  It hides the cable and tv cords beautifully, don’t you think? I also made a minature version of a banner to hide the un-done-ness of the shelf that the TV is sitting on. I know, I’m a genius, right?
Oh-I almost forgot. I have a huge closet in this room. Extrememly deep and perfect for hiding all of my stuff that I don’t want to see all the time, but I HAVE to have. 

The closet doors stuck out too much, so we took them off and replaced them with a shower rod and a shower curtain that I embelished with ruffles. Because what girl doesn’t want a shower curtain embelished with ruffles?  Oh, I forgot that you can see my birthday card that my chickadees made for me. It’s giant and it hangs proudly in a giant frame!
(it says that I am the greatest mom in the whole world!)


A couple of other things that I used for storage, in case you want to know-
A half of a globe. I just broke it in half. It now holds my random stuff that I don’t have a place for.
A old makeup case proudly stores my smaller alphabet letters.
Ikea paper boxes with homemade chalkboard labels.
My own version of a ribbon and yarn holders. Plates from the thrift store epoxied to a candleholder of some sort. Perfect for being able to see and store your ribbon at the same time.

IMG_2360 - Copy

k-think that about covers it.
In case you forgot-I LOVE my craft room! Even if it is addicted to patterns and bright colors!

Happy Creating!

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  1. Your room is so fun! Lots going on there... I really like your IKEA unit, you did a great job decorating it! Love the tree on the wall :)

  2. I wish I had a room like this that could be so fun and girly and inspire all kinds of fun projects!

  3. WOWZERS! I LOVE your craft room!!!! I am slowly plugging away at mine, but am doing bright colors too!

  4. I hope my craft room looks like this some day. Just adorable. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  5. I L.O.V.E it! I need a fun craft room like this!

  6. AWESOME craft room! Love your storage unit decorations!!! :)

  7. WOW! I love the fun colors and patterns! Looks like your hard work paid off :)

  8. We have the same Ikea unit in our living room (except it's walnut colour). I adore the use of the curtains.

  9. Love it! It so fits your personality -- bright and fun and bubbly. I dream of someday having my own craft room. *sigh* Great job!

  10. super cute, tasha..loving the shelving unit..and with all that color and pattern..your floor just kind of fits right in! i love it.:)

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I think you have just inspired me to do a craft room redo. Thanks for sharing and happy creating!

  12. Oh my gosh...I'm speechless! I love every single bit of it. The color (you managed to make the green carpet look intentional!), the shelving unit (I love the unmatched randomness), the pom pom flowers, the tree wall, the shower curtain. I could go on and on. The things you have on the shelving unit are precious. I love the 1/2 globe idea. I could definately get my craft on in that room!

  13. This is inspiring! How creative. Im loving it! How do you make the pom poms? can you email me at kraftykashATyahooDOTcom

  14. I've heard good things about this flooring!!

  15. I love it... you thought of everything! my hubs and your hubs would get along well. He is always "happy" to help me with projects ! Have a great weekend.

  16. Woohoo!! What a happy, cheery space!! :) I love the tree. :)

    Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :) Hope you'll visit me at Serenity Now again soon! :)

  17. Oh my, what a darling craft room, I am oh so envious! I love the tree, the little curtains, mmm just about everything well ok, EVERYTHING! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am glad I found yours!


  18. I love the tree! I have been trying to come up with something to do on my wall but haven't been successful. I might have to take a page out of your book on that one. We just started a blog and would love you to link up with us for "Tell me Tuesday's."

  19. Thank you for linking up to What I Whipped Up Wednesday! I will be featuring this next week! xo

  20. I LOVE this room! I have not loved the poms until now. They are SO CUTE!

  21. That is Flippin' Fantastic!!! Love it! Those curtain in the Expedit cubbies are brilliant!

  22. Okay, this is BEYOND insanely amazing!!! I just had to tell you, Ah-freaking-mazing.

  23. Hi Tausha, I enjoyed seeing you talk about this room when you were recently on Studio 5. I'm crazy about all the patterned curtains & it inspired me to do something similar. Can't wait to try it!

    Warmly, Michelle

  24. I love this room! You are magic. I found your blog thru 320Sycamore link up and I am a new follower AND I am SO copying that clock sunshine idea!! Tooo fun!

  25. So girly and fun! Love it!

  26. The colors and fabrics really allow me to see what a fun personality I assume you have! We are hosting a Creative Spaces link up party at Scatter Girls right now, would love to have you link up your fantastic space!

  27. You make me happy and your room does to... ;)

  28. I am featuring this on my blog today, saturday 27th. You are my blog shout out!!!
    Love, love your craft room!

  29. AH! I love your tree!! Such a cute room : )

  30. I just came across your blog and seen this room!!! I LOVE IT!! I have been looking for something fun and vibrant like this!! I now know that I do not have to be afraid to go with my ideas and my craft room can look similar and not all pretty, prim and proper like I have been seeing!!! ;)

  31. Wow, this is an incredible craft room. I stumbled across it on Pinterest. So much inspiration for crafters of all ages, love it. You should check out and enter the Craftbaby Craft Space sweepstakes here:

  32. The shelves look very artistic and organised. The colour combination are truly gratifying to the eyes too. Thank you for giving readers ideas on how to decorate their office spaces.


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