Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bibbity Bobbity Boo…

Ok-so it maybe wasn’t as easy as waving a wand around, and wearing a sparkly dress with a bonnet,  the after was just as fabulous as Cinderella’s happy ending.

I think so anyway.

We all know what I think about my opinions and how special I think it is….:)

On to my opinion of my Cinderella happy ending.

First though, I have to tell you about this stuff that made my laundry and my dishes and my carpet have a bippity, boppity, boo moment.

My washer broke a couple weeks ago. Not a good day at my house!

To say that I was ticked, would be understatement.

So my husband went to work trying to fix it.

I posted about it on Facebook and got a reply from a friend who’s husband is a appliance fix it guy.

Score right?

Well, my friend suggested that we clean out all crevices and see if it’s full of gunk that was left over from my laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Ok-I have a bit of a confession to admit-target, who I love more than one should love a store, had a sale on their target brand laundry detergent. So, I figured if I love their store, I will love their laundry detergent. It was HE so I figured, I was good to go.

I was so wrong. So very, very wrong. Now, I don’t admit that I am wrong a lot, so listen up to why.               ( I’m a little “always right, all the time” kind of gal, It’s a problem I’m working on it.)

Target brand HE laundry detergent is el-sucko! Why? Well, I thought it smelled good in the store, it did not smell good when I got it home. So, I thought I’ll just get some fabric softener. Bad Idea.

So, when my sweet, loving, eye rolling husband went and cleaned out all the gunk…one word, GROSS!

Apparently liquid laundry detergent is made with animal fat. Yuck right? Well, when you add some fabric softener to the mix-bad, bad, bad gunk.

I can only imagine what gunk was in my clothes.

So, back to the friend who offered the advice on what to do.

She makes all natural cleaning stuff. Laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, all purpose cleaner,carpet deodorizer..ummm I’m sure that there is something else that I’m forgetting.

My friend has a name, sorry, I guess I should have mentioned that.  Amber is her name and her company is Scrub Naturally.

Amber sent me a little care package and I immediately got to trying all the products out. 

First-Laundry detergent-out of this world phenomenal! My clothes are softer and my whites are whiter. I know, I know, I sound like the guy who holds up the poster with the socks on it, and asks which one is whiter. It’s true though. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but now I’m a believer.  You only have to use a TBSP. of this stuff.  Rocks my world-seriously!

Laundry Soap--Truly All Natural, No Artificial Fragrance, Handmade, Vegan, 50-100 loads. Two Pounds of Laundry Soap.

Second-the dishwasher detergent. K ,I was one of those people who was ticked when they took all the phosphates out of the dishwashing detergents. Now, I know all about why it was important that they did that. My husband is an avid fisherman. but, I still hated the spots that were still on my dishes when I pulled them out the dishwasher.

Dishwashing Soap--Get your glasses clear and shiny. 60 Loads, All Natural, Phosphate Free.

ANNOYING! So, I tried Ambers soap-no spots! I added some vinegar per her suggestion to the rinse cycle-AMAZING!  No spots!

3rd-the cleaner-no streaks on the mirrors or my cooktop! Yes, you read right. NO streaks on my cooktop!

All Purpose Cleaner- Cleans all hard surface. Including glass, mirrors, and all countertops. SMELLS GREAT.

Basically-I’m in love! My home is sparkling and having a whole bibbity, bobbity boo moment!

Cause Amber is so fabulous and giving-she wants to give you

1 FREE pkg. of  laundry detergent

just cause she wants you to have a bibbity, bobbity experience at your house too! Awesome right?

You can choose your scent (I love the tangerine) of  the laundry detergent. This size of laundry detergent will do 50-100 loads of laundry. (this size will do 100 in my he front loader) For free people!!

Laundry Soap--Truly All Natural, No Artificial Fragrance, Handmade, Vegan, 50-100 loads. Two Pounds of Laundry Soap.

Here’s how to enter: Make sure that you leave 1 comment for each thing that you do.

1. Follow this blog: Sassy Style Redesign-You know that you have wanted to do this Forever anyway..so just do it already. :0)

2. Head over to Scrubnaturally.etsy.com  take a look at her shop and be amazed at all the stuff that you know HAVE to HAVE!  Come back and tell me what you would really love to have!

4. Friend me on Facebook. I know, I’m all sorts of lame cause I don’t have a like button. Sorry, just shoot me a friend request. 

5. Like Scrub naturally on Facebook

Amber-Nothing But Soap

Blog about this giveaway

Facebook or tweet about this giveaway

Ok-I think that about covers it. Make sure that you leave a comment for each thing that you do.

On to the reason of the bibbity, boppity boo moment for our clients.

First of all, these clients are in my all time top 5 favorite client! They were beyond wonderful to work with. They were a blast and truthfully, I didn’t want to leave when we were done.

They had great taste, and lots of hidden treasures that they had locked away in the basement.  We just added a few touches and a wave of the magic wand and voila…

(lets pretend that I didn’t spend all day there and was sweating my guts out from moving furniture around and climbing up and down on the ladder-stick with the magic wand theory-way less sweaty!)




I love a good rug and some well placed chairs to help create a cozy, conversation space.



their kitchen table used to be pushed back into the nook. They hated it this way because they couldn’t fit the entire family at the table. So, we found a great rug at Tuesday Morning for a steal of a deal and pulled the table out to the middle of the room.  We used the rug to anchor the table and to create a new space.



This room had a lot of wall and some windows and an incredible view! We wanted to highlight the view, so we hung the rod in between the windows to create a look the look of a wall of windows, insread of randomly placed windows.  Short rods and some fabulously textured, green curtains helped us achieve this look.





Don’t you just want to sit in there and put your feet up?


How cool is this mirror? They had a crazy uncle that collected all kinds of stuff. This was one of the items that they picked up. We just had them paint it red! Love it!

I really wish that I had a crazy, collector uncle.

Did you happen to see the amazing picture in the nook above the fireplace? How cool is that? It’s a photograph of a tunnel. It is fantastic and looks like it was made to fit this nook.


We hung the curtains high to the ceiling to create a feeling of grandeur. I also found this amazing solid oak coffee table at a thrift store for a steal! I re-did with some heirloom white paint, sandpaper and walnut stain. Personally, I think Pottery barn should hire me.


The lamp got a sweater makeover to it’s shade.


I hope that you win!

Thursday I have another giveaway and TV! Stay tuned!

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  1. I totally already follow your blog cause you are that kind of wonderful.

  2. I want....need...HAVE TO HAVE her dishwashing soap. I have been in a bad place with the stuff I have (and yes, I understand but it doesn't make it easy).

  3. Been a stalker for awhile but I am a follower now.

  4. I think I need to try the laundry soap...and the dishwasher soap...and the all purpose cleaner...I need to do some online shopping...

  5. tausha, i love this room so much!:)someday, you WILL help me too!:)

  6. Tonya :)
    1. follows your blog
    2. Check out scrub naturally and I would like to try the lavendar soap and might buy some all purpose cleaner.is it really that good?
    3. I am your friend on facebook
    4. cant sind scrub naturally on facebook to friend...help me with that one???
    5. Already facebooked a link to her etsy page and sasystyle for them to come check it out.

    I want to get the lavendar soap, let me know what else I need to do. I hope this one comes. I won that print and the lady I emailed 3times and she never got back to me..I was kinda sad, and I was even going to buy some other prints from her, oh well

  7. I'm already a friend of yours on Facebook!

  8. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the lavender laundry soap. I'll bet your clothes would smell delicious!

  9. I'm a fan of Amber - Nothing But Soap on Facebook...hope that the right one?

  10. I love all of her stuff. but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the dishwashing soap or laundry soap.

  11. I couldnt find Scrub Naturally on facebook...

  12. I follow your blog now!! Found you through Kiki Creates!! :)

  13. I just sent you a friend request on facebook...oh and btw I love your craft room!!!

  14. I would love the lavender laundry soap and the dishwasher detergent..I have major issues with water spots..hopefully this would stop that!

  15. I can't find Scrub naturally on facebook??

  16. I love you, and I was already going to add you to my followers group, and now a give away! GIVE ME SOME SOAP! haha. You inspire my right brain more than HGTV, and all my crafting magazines combined, plus you are fun to read. Keep on keeping on. And you are welcomed to decorate any beige room in my house(which is all of them)

  17. Hi everyone. This is Amber with Nothing But Soap (scrub Naturally) My actual business name is Nothing But Soap, however the name was taken on Etsy so that's where Scrub Naturally came in. Here is my Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nothing-But-Soap/134822133199121

    You can also check out my Etsy page at www.etsy.com/people/scrubnaturally

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all! Also my phone number is 801-497-6051

    Thank you so much for following Tausha's Blog! I hope to hear from you all soon,


  18. I just started following your blog. I would love to try the laundry soap!

  19. I am already a fan/friend of Amber on Facebook..

  20. I would love to try out her all-purpose cleaner. I got a sample of the lemon scrub from Natural Joy Beauty and I think it is great!

  21. I posted a link to my facebook page, both my personal one and my website fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/melissawhitmandotcom

  22. I wouI would love to try her all purpose cleaner as well as the laundry soap.

  23. Awesome transformation! Luxy Living is doing the same sorta thing for a friend.

    Have a great week!

  24. I went and shopped and I'll take whater you'll throw my way FREEE!!!

  25. duh, already a follower (but a little new)

  26. i was definitely thinking about the reusable dryer bags. that would be swell.

  27. Wow! That is a wonderful make over!! I love the placement of the furniture!!

  28. I would love LOVE the dishwasher soap but the laundry soap in Tangaren would be a very close second!

  29. What a bright and pretty space! Take care, Laura


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