Thursday, April 14, 2011

Attention Utah Gals


Hey peeps!

(funny right?)

Cause I have been so crazy with the whole spray painting obsession, I have been a bit of a slacker in the posting category.

So, if you are Utah Gal and like winning free stuff and going to fabulous boutiques to check out fabulous new stuff from crazy, talented Utah women.

You are in for a treat!

(the  d├ęcor posting will resume tomorrow-promise!!)


We are Mindy Mae's Market- we've teamed up with Destination Homes to give a venue for local talent to be showcased in 'MODEL' surroundings! We roam around Weber and Davis counties and NOW we will be in Daybreak! 

We specialize in helping new start-up vendors venture into business start-ups and LOVE first time vendors! We have a collection of NEW vendors, products and inspiration at EACH show- each show is different and in a different location! We want you to come and see what an amazing, eclectic blend we can offer you!


We are giving away an EXCUSE to SHOP! We know you all want one of those- especially with Easter AND Mother's Day coming just around the corner!  So, in honor of the upcoming holidays, your hard work, and that we'd love you to meet all of our CREATIVE and TALENTED peeps {Easter pun!} -

we are giving away TWO $25.00 Shopping Pass, 

ONE $20.00 Shopping Pass and

 ONE $10.00 Shopping Pass to Mindy Mae's Market

- to be used at EITHER our April 15th and 16th show in Farmington OR

our April 29th and 30th show in Daybreak.

YOU can choose what YOU want to take home...or if it will even make it that far!

(You should SEE & taste our YUMMY goodies!)

So, do you want to win? Who wouldn’t?


1-be a fan of Sassy Style-Yea, it’s super fun!!

2-Visit the website for basic information and maps-

3-Visit the blog for vendor information and sneak-peeks-

(oh! and MORE giveaways!)

4-  Follow Mindy Mae’s on  Facebook & Twitter!

Also- I will have some of my furniture pieces at Mindy Mae’s! Come and check them out! I have some flipping cute pieces!!

The show starts tomorrow night and runs through Saturday evening.

The show is in Farmington.

The address712 n. 1875 W.

What the house looks like (what, don’t you find your way by looking for a cute house instead of boring numbers?)


I will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon!

Hope that you win!!


  1. I follow and I love to shop and eat, I would be the perfect winner! lol;)

  2. I visited the website and read all about it

  3. I visited the blog for sneak peaks and hello I so want to be there.

  4. also I have to tell you I used the liquid starch technique in my babies nursery. check it

  5. Follower for sure and love to win some fun decor and treats. :)


  6. I visited the blog for info :)

  7. I'm a follower, love your blog!

  8. Just sent my friend request on f/b. I'm so excited about going to the Farmington location, it's just around the corner from me.

  9. I'm a fan(follower) of your blog!!!

  10. I visited Love the stuff they have!

  11. I visited the blog too for sneak-peaks. Been to it a few times now and love it!

  12. I'm a follower of MM on facebook and twitter too! I want to win something!

  13. i visited too!

  14. I visited the blog for vendor information and sneak-peeks. Been to MMM before and loved it! I want to win!


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