Wednesday, March 2, 2011

With A Little Luck

and Hot glue, fabric and embroidery hoops-
You can make yourself a super cute, super easy and super cheap
Lucky door d├ęcor!
This little sign is sure to bring nothing but rainbows and gold coins your way.
I would also say leprechauns,  but they kind of freak me out, just a bit.
Anyway..want to make one?
This is what you need:
Embroidery hoops-4  (or however many you need to spell whatever you want)
fabric-I picked a myriad of greens
Felt-again, I used different greens
hot glue and gorilla glue epoxy
Heat and bond/wonder under
embellishments of your choice-buttons, ribbons etc..
ok-I picked up my hoops at the thrift store. They were filled with some beautiful craftiness that had surpassed their prime.  All 4 of my hoops are different sizes. I wanted it to look a little crazy. If this is not your style, but all mean, buy all 4 the same size.
I just ripped them out.
sorry people that made the lovely geese, and Santa doily's.
I then made sure that I could put them all back together without too much trouble. I know that some of you are thinking, well, why wouldn’t they just fit back together?  You would be surprised. I highly recommend that you do this.
I cute the letters out of felt. I just freehanded them onto the felt with my sharpie. If you hate your writing, or this is not something that you want to do . You could just pick a font of your liking on word and print and trace the letters as well.
I adhered all of the felt letters with hot glue. Mostly because I was lazy and I didn’t want to get out the heat and bond.
however, I had to get the heat and bond out when I did the clover. I used fabric for the clover, so the only way that it would adhere, was to iron it on.
Man, I love that stuff!! It has saved my bacon way too many times to mention!

Once the letters and everything was adhered, I got to embellish!
My favorite part!
 L- I added ruffles to some of the hoops. I just used my glue gun to make the ruffle as I glued the fabric on. I added some button flowers to the L to finish it off.
The Clover - is one of my favorites. this doesn’t have a lot of doo dads on it, but I love it none the less. I just used some fabulous ribbon from the Ribbon Retreat to the finish the edge.  I thought that I was finished and then I thought it needed something else. Shocker! I would think that I needed to “mess” with something.
I added a little border of flags. The flags are 4 layers. Why 4 layers?
Well, I didn’t like the first 3, so I just kept on gluing.
I then added some more ribbon from the Ribbon Retreat and some fabulous bakers twine from          Pretty Lil Packages. (her twine is fabulous and the least expensive I have ever seen-go and buy some)
And then, of course some buttons. I LOVE Buttons!
The C-I added some rosettes. I love this one. It’s so simple, yet fabulous!
K-this letter was embellished very simple because of the polka dot background. I just used some Ribbon to finish of the K. Simple!
Now..hang it on your door!
Oh wait, you probably want to know how to hang it on your door.
Let me show you.
I found a piece of wood in my garage that was long enough. I then epoxied the hoops to the board. I used the epoxy because I needed the glue to hold the hoops through the rain, snow and sunshine.
I had my loving husband fashion me a hangy thing so I could use a wreath holder to hold this baby up.  It’s just wire screwed into the board.  Because I didn’t want the wood to scratch my door, I used a fleece blanket from the dollar store to back it. I just cut it up to fit. Make sure whatever you use is thick enough to protect your door. I do this with everything that I hang on my door. 
It doesn’t prevent against all scratches, but I’m ok with that. I want to re-paint my door again this spring. Any suggestions? I’m thinking turquoise? What do you think? Too crazy?  Still thinking on that one. 
So, now you are really done!
Awesome right!? Under an hour and your door wont let anyone in with pinching on the brain!
Good LUCK!
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  1. Well, how cute is that? Looks good.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this upcycle over at The T-Shirt Diaries (

    I love the idea of glued ruffles.

  3. You know I love it since I did a knock off of it!

  4. FUN STUFF! I just can't seem to get myself into the St. Patties day mood! I know! IM SUCH A BAD PERSON! Hey, you probably didn't see...I posted a comment on the with 106 other people. I'm awarding you the Stylish Blogger award. I told you if you don't accept it I will totally take a trip and come and step on your toe! IM KIDDING! If you already read my comment about your award then just tell me to shut my trap and we can all move on! At least come by and read the nice stuff I wrote about you:) Hope you are doing great!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  5. I love this-especially the ruffles!

  6. Looks great! I particularly love the combo of fabrics and colors on the k.

    marian @


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