Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OK boys, ok boys... that movie!

8 seconds! Oh how I love that show. I should TOTALLY watch it...

My Master bedroom "not planned makeover" is done and ready for it's TV debut!
I did it for $50!
Not kidding!


While you sit waiting in total suspense...go and enter for a free makeover-blog makeover that is. 
 Either way, I will take whichever kind of makeover I can get! :)

This chica is one talented gal..
I found her courtesy of Miss Annie who is also one of those ladies who knocks your socks off!
Go and check both of them out. 

Miss Annie will make you laugh until you cry and The Pixelista-will make you cry because of her talent!

Until tomorrow......



  1. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! :) Excited for the big bedroom reveal!

  2. You darling, thank you for the linky love. You are so seriously talented.

  3. Forgot to mention-Love your new look!!

  4. Loving it! Can't wait to see it.:)


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