Monday, March 14, 2011

A little bit longer...

I am really wishing that the weekend and great spray painting weather could have lasted a little bit longer.
It's supposed to be raining this afternoon, so there goes the painting idea.
The outdoor kind anyway.

I plan to work my painting fingers to the bone today.
I am trying really hard to not let the fact that my house is a flippin mess-bug me.
I have to get ready for kids can wear their pj's to school..right?
It's what all the cool kids are doing...

Before I shut it down and get to the painting-you all need to head over to Brassy Apple-
Megan and I got together last week to go thrifting at a couple of my local haunts.
We had a blast!

(as you can tell because of my overflowing cart-It was a good day for my list, what can I say..)

Hopefully I will have a couple of projects to show you tomorrow!
Wish me luck!
Really hoping that my stomach can handle a diet coke today. I think that I am going to need it!

Happy Monday!!



  1. I used to wear my PJ's to school all the time... and I'm WAY cool! LOL

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! I love thrift shopping too.

  3. My house is a flippin' mess and I have NO fabulous craft or creativity to show for it...SUCH A LOSER! I'm SO jealous...I wish that was my cart. Can't wait to see what ya got in there:)


  4. Hey! I know you! I'm excited to check out your stuff more thoroughly on your blog! (I found you through Little Birdie Secrets)We once went on a cruise together and we used to go to the same church building. Yeah?


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