Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So you want to win some FREE STUFF!

I know that I wish that I could win these giveaways.
I didn't read the fine print, apparently, family members of  Sassy Style can't enter.
How lame is that?
Almost as lame as my attempt at a joke.
Sorry, running a little late as usual, and waiting until the last minute to do a post before TV-as usual.

Check Studio 5 to see the clip if you want to check it out before I get the link up.(after 12)

I will post my segment later on today. Just in case you want to watch it again. (you know that you do)
I have so many fabulous ideas that will be showcased today, I am so excited to share discounts and giveaways from the amazing people that helped me with the good ideas.

I will be hosting 2 giveaways for the next two days. They will run simultaneousnessly and end on Saturday.  So, if you don't see the giveaway from the company you want free stuff from really, really bad...check back tomorrow. But, I am pretty sure that you will want to win everything!!

First-A giveaway for everyone!! Yea!!
I am featuring a custom portrait that Jordan from did for me!

 I can not even begin to tell you how much I love this!! I LOVE it!

Jordan is amazing! You send her some details about the people that you want in your picture, and also a picture. She cartoon's you and man,is she good!!
She even got my spikes and different shades of my hair spot on!  My family thinks that it is hilarious that she put she me in a cardigan with a belt. {my go to attire choice} Funny thing, the pic I sent her, I wasn't even wearing that.
She is THAT good!

She is also THAT awesome that she is offering all of studio 5 viewers a 20% discount on all orders from her shop.  Just type in Studio 5 at the checkout!

She rocks right?!!
Your welcome for finding and sharing such an amazing artist with you.

Who wouldn't want on of these? Great idea for gifts, weddings, friends, hard to buy for people, and of course, Yourself!!

The first giveaway is being offered by Kiki of Kiki Creates.

I love Kiki and I have talked about her before. She is one talented lady! She is even more fabulous because she is so kind and generous with her talents. She shares them so willingly with others.
She is my friend and my inspiration.
Yes-I now have "your my inspiration"stuck in my head as well.

She made this amazing duvet cover for $30! (click here to help her win a contest)

See what I mean about inspiration!

Well, Kiki did a custom design just for me. I LOVE it!

She also did this darling I Love You Because..
and I love it because it makes me happy!

Kiki is going to give away{2} 8x10 prints from her shop.
You get to decide which one you want.
Awesome right?!!
I thought so!!

Want to win?

1- You get to follow Sassy Style to be eligible.
2- You also get to follow Kiki.
3- Follow us both on Facebook. Click Tausha and Kiki to follow  (these rules are so fabulous right?)
4- Check out Kiki's shop and let us know which prints you are loving right now?

Bonus entry.. Facebook about this..
2nd bonus about this.

When you leave a comment about the last 2, please make sure to leave a link for each one.

Simple right?
Make sure that you leave a comment for every thing that you do. Make sure that you do this because I suck at math-so the multiple comments make it much easier!

I want you to win!

Check back in a bit for another giveaway from Pretty Little Package! 
(just the name alone makes you want to check it out right?)
In the meantime, check out Nori's blog-Love to create



  1. There wasn't a "like" button so I requested you as a friend on facebook.

  2. I LOVE the You are my Sunshine When Skies are Gray sign. LOVE!

  3. Ah Tausha....I just had to tell you that this was my favorite segment of yours ever. You are such a stinkin' cutie! Love ya :)

  4. I am a new follower to Sassy Style! I just saw you on Studio 5 today and so excited I did!

  5. I follow Kiki now too!! I love her all of her prints!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love Kiki's Families are Forever Print -- BEAUTIFUL!

  8. I shared the FB love and linked your blog on my wall.

  9. I sent you a friend request on FB so I can follow you too!

  10. My favorite Kiki print...I love you because! :)

  11. I follow Kiki's blog. Whew, I think I've done all I can do. Now I'll let the powers that be do the picking.

  12. Sent a FB friend request!

    Whew!!! I've got my fingers and toes crossed!

    Great segment, I loved the liquid fabric softner/fabric idea! Genius!!!

  13. I sent you a facebook message to be a friend. Looking forward to all your words of wisdom on facebook

  14. I am a follower on sassy style. Loved your segment. Love your blog. I always love finding the newest blogs to watch for. Great crafts.

  15. I posted a comment on Kiki's facebook page. Link is xarissa Jardine. I loved the print You are my Sunshine on a cloudy day

  16. HOLY MISS GIVEAWAY! I am so stinkin' lazy....I never win....I guess I'll try! I AM SO going to win this time...I can feel it:) Thanks for all the fun stuff! YOu know I follow your FABULOUSNESS!

  17. WHEW! That was ALOT of work. I'm now following Kiki's blog! CUTE STUFF! Thanks for telling us about her!

  18. I'm trying to be your friend on FB! Won't you be my neighbor? heehee!

  19. I'm seriously drooling over that Family Name Tree print. HOw CUTE IS THAT?! Okay, now I really need to win. BIG MONEY!

  20. Good job Taush! Since, I'm a family member of Sassy Style, I guess I can't enter! However, I love that picture of you and Kal - I may need to order one!

  21. Hi Tausha. I'm now a follower.

  22. I love the Family Tree from Kiki Creates.

  23. I LOVE the scrabble family and the Everyday I love you!!!

    I hope this works. This is to my facebook. I totally blogged about you and put up your link!

  25. shoot I guess I was leaving comments under the wrong section. I left like 3 or 4 on your newer post, but I also posted links to SassyStyle AND Kikicreates on my facebook page. That counts as 2 bonus entries right? ha ha just kidding, but I think you are both great, so I did it anyway! not sure what link you want but here ya go!/profile.php?id=1370269881

  26. Oh my I have stayed up way too late looking at all of this fun stuff. More binus entrties from me. I blogged about SASSY STYLE and KIKI CREATES on my blog...

  27. I love her "I love you because" print and I love the print she made if you and your hubby...I want one of me and mine!

  28. I can't find you on FB not Sassy anyways your personal page and I don't think you want any strangers popping up from no wheres...

    I shared the link, and am now following the blog. I love the the wall transfers, and could def do with some of those in this new rental we are in as we just PSC'd and this drab house needs a lift.

  29. Oh, Almost forgot, I found you on etsy too. I'm there aswell.. is your shop active?


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