Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So, you want to ruffle without a sewing machine?

Too much to ask?
No way!
Now, this is coming from the girl who glues pillows
I can’t sew-AT ALL! Not even a little, teeny, tiny bit.
I wish I did, but I don’t.
I know that some of you are thinking, “you could learn..”
Your right, I could. But let me remind you, I’m lazy.
I wanted a ruffle pillow. I knew that there was a way to make a ruffle without a sewing machine.
Needle and thread baby!
Who knew right? Duh Tausha!
I made this ruffled pillow,
and then I “ruffled” a frame. Actually 2 frames. I couldn’t stop!
doodle v-day alpha art  DSCN1328
It’s kind of addicting.
If my dog was a girl-I would so be making a ruffled collar.
How cute would that be?
(not exactly what I was thinking, but this picture made me giggle.)
On to the tutorial.
you know, the “SASSY” way!
You will need a needle-I like medium sized ones.Mostly because I can’t see to thread it, if it’s any smaller.
Thread-I prefer embroidery floss. It comes in a hundred, million colors, so it’s easier to match the thread to your project and it’s stronger than thread.
Fabric to ruffle. You will want your fabric in strips. Wide, skinny, it doesn’t matter.  It just depends on the look that you are going for.
Disclaimer-I may or may not have taken all of the following pictures at night. I may or may not have only had a blaring lamp light to help “shine the light” on this project.
We have already discussed my photo editing skills.
1- Thread your needle, knot the end and pull your needle up from the bottom, so the not will be on the underside of the ruffle.
(I know that this lovely, red thread does not match this fabric-I figured it would be easier for you to see.)DSCN1358
2-I believe this is called a “whip stitch.” Don’t quote me on it though.
Now you are going to gather your fabric and go up and down, up and down.  If you want a larger ruffle-have more space in between your stitches. If you want a smaller ruffle-make sure your spacing between the stitches is smaller.
I like to gather the fabric and stitch in sections. Basically, as much fabric that will fit on the needle at one time is my “section.
Make sense? By doing it this way-you are able to get more done in the same amount of time, that it would take you to do  a ruffle at a time.
Again-perfect example of Lazy Crafter.
This is what your stiches should look like.
Running Stitch- I think
That’s about it. Keep gathering and stitching until you have ruffled the entire piece of fabric.
Now, just mess with spacing in between the ruffles until you get the look that you like.
Knot off the thread and you are done!  DSCN1321
Now, remember that I am not a seamstress.I know NO sewing terms, so I hope that this info helped more than it hindered.
That being said,  I wanted to make another ruffled pillow.
I had this scarf, and while it was cute, I never wore it.
So what’s a girl to do?
Make a ruffled pillow out of it..of course!
I used the same technique that I talked about in the tutorial.
I just made bigger ruffles by having a larger space in between each stitch.
Pull and stich and pull some more. I did this until I liked the shape of it.
Oh wait, you might need to know that I folded the scarf in half and then ruffled. That is why it looks so full and ruffley. (is that a word?)
Did you know that you can buy pillow covers from the Dollar Store?
Yes you can..and they are a Buck! 
The covers have a zipper to close up the pillow. So shove a pillow in the cover and voila..
A new pillow for a DOLLAR!
You have now saved enough money, you can go and buy yourself a fountain Diet Coke!!
Yes, I do gage my projects prices on how many Diet Cokes I could buy.
It’s all about priorities people.
Diet Coke is a priority at my house.
I figure if  a craft project is going to cost me a little more than a refill, we are good to go!
This cover is a lime, soft green with an iridescent look to it.  It also has a simple, overlapping circle pattern. These covers are perfect to embellish because you can turn them inside out and sew your ruffles, flowers, or whatever on,with no problems.
I know, the color sounds sort of ugly-but it matches my craft room perfectly.
Again, let me remind you I took these pictures at night AND my editing skills are el-sucko. As I clearly demonstrate with the above picture.
I “sewed” the ruffle to the pillow.
(meaning-I stitched it to the inside of the pillow. I just did a bunch of x’s until I knew the ruffle wasn’t going to move.)
Word to the wise-be careful when you put your pillow inside the cover. If you just shove it in, and not really pay attention, you will break the zipper. 
Not that I did that or anything
{My finished Dollar Pillow}
It can be enjoyed..
                   what ever strikes your fancy.                         
Start to finish-this pillow took me 10 minutes.
I have to show you one more thing I ” ruffled” last night.
I was watching the Bachelor, so I had some time.
Sidenote: do you watch this? Do you not love Emily? Do you not want to punch Michelle? Are you sick of hearing Brad tell all the girls to be “honest” with him? I love the guy and think he is beautiful, but I think he needs to find some new adjectives.  Anyway..
I had a scarf with this pattern. It’s kind of thin and has some fringe going on as well.
I never work the scarf because it was square.
I tried to tie it up all funky and wear it like all “cool” kids.
I thought I just looked like I was trying to  hard and instead of being a fashionista, I looked like I was playing cops and robbers with a fringed, polka dotted scarf as my “mask of disguise.”
So, I cut it up.
I folded it in half and cut it into two equal pieces. (sorry, I don’t have any pics)
I then folded each piece in half again,and got to ruffling.
After both pieces were ruffled. I stitched them together so I had one long scarf.
Yes-My lamp is my model. She looked a whole lot better than the unshowerd, hair not done,me.
I know, I could have taken a shower and gotten ready and then took the picture, but I am far too impatient for that.
I wanted you all to see it now!
(another sidenote-I realize that I posted this at 7:00 ish at night. You are also thinking that who the heck doesn’t shower by 7:00 pm? Actually, that has been me this whole week, except today. I took the pics this morning. I did shower and get ready, I just didn’t want to take new pics and then try to edit them. so hence the lamp.)
Lazy Crafter..umm yes!
I must say, I am impressed with myself and my ruffling skills on this scarf!
I love scarf’s. I especially love ruffly, long scarf’s because they hide my own “ruffles”
A pop of turquoise in this cold, freezing, frigid weather-will make me smile today!
Ok people,
Go forth and Ruffle!
Make sure you show me what you make! I would love to see!
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  1. Thanks so much for showing you simple sewing technique. I will go forth and ruffle. Love the pillow by the way!

  2. I just did something very similar recently! Though, I must admit, your tutorial was much more fun than mine, and you ended up with far more projects than I did. This is great!

    I don't normally link up in comments, but if you want to see how I used the same ruffling technique, you can visit my post here:

  3. Ahh! Thanks! I want to ruffle a pillow so bad and now I know how. :)

  4. I am not sure which I love better - a no sew tutorial or simply reading the tutorial! Great job on both.

  5. What a great tutorial and so simple! Thanks for sharing!!


  6. I love your version of a ruffle! I couldn't for the life of me get my sewing machine to make ruffles, so I bought a fun ruffle foot for my machine that does all the work for me:)

  7. You are hilarious. I was cracking up the whole way through and all of a sudden I thought WHOA! I am actually learning something! I can't figure out how to do the "sew straight through the fabric then pull a loose end to ruffle" thing that everyone else seems to get just fine. So thanks for the affirmation that it is OK to just hand sew those ruffles!!!

  8. I'm so glad I found your blog - you crack me UP! Up I say! fun way to add ruffle to our lives!

    p.s. tell you lamp she looked marvelous!

  9. Tausha, you are just awesome! Someday we have got to meet up in real life. How come I never see you at any of the crafty blogger get-togethers?

  10. Oh my, I had such a good (and loud!) laugh while reading your blog. Girl, you should become a writer ;)
    It could have been me, who wrote that, except for the fact that I'm not so funny as you are. But I can't sew either and I'm lazy and impatient too.
    But I looooove ruffley things (see, I like the word you used, it doesn't matter if it exists or not) so thank you very much for explaining the whole process ;)
    I definately will come back to your blog.


    PS: I'm still laughing ;)

  11. Thanks so much. I learned how to make SASSY ruffles which will correspond on my mother's day present for my Mom. Thanks so MUCH

  12. Thanks so much. I learned how to make SASSY ruffles which will correspond on my mother's day present for my Mom. Thanks so MUCH


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