Friday, February 25, 2011

Holy SHEET, It’s a Pillow?

Did my title pique your curiosity? I couldn't resist.
***Warning: You will want to go thrifting after you read this post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! ****
Any color of sheets  that you want to use and it doesn’t matter what shape they are in. Well, that’s a lie. If they are all stained and gross-that’s just gross and they probably should have been thrown away a long time ago. (you know that you come here to read and agree with all of my opinions..right?)                             
  If they are just used and you are sick of them-perfect. Of course, you can guy buy new sheets as well.
You can use whatever size sheets you want, and it doesn't matter if you use flat or fitted. I used a twin fitted, just because it’s what I had.
I used white-and they were not in the bestest shape in the world. I didn’t care though.
I knew that I was going to cut them up and use this…
Dum, dum, dhum……
I was going crazy not being able to craft in my craft room.
So,  I hauled some the junk downstairs and made my couch my temporary craft room.
Works fabulously!  It looks like crap, but works great!
One is limited when you have to elevate and ice your foot. Plus, it’s been kind of nice catching up on my Nate Berkus time! (I love that guy so much! I know that I would be one of those crazy women on his show who run up and hug him and tell him how wonderful he is-if I ever got to go to the show)
I wanted to get to the pillows that I always wanted to do and I had just never made time to do the.
These would include, lots of felt circles and ripped up twin white sheets and pillows from the thrift store.
This is what the sheets turned into-
The cutest pillow ever!
(in my opinion..)
Who said old and forgotten can’t be turned into awesome, fabulous and oh so cute?
I can’t decide if this cutie pillow should live on my bed, or maybe my couch, or maybe my red, tufted chair! The chair won…today anyway.
I found the  Make It Do blog and fell in love with these ribbon flowers!
I didn’t have any wired ribbon, so I used..sheets.
  Ripped up into strips of different sizes.
I used the same technique as outlined in their tutorial, I just made my own ruffle by using a whip stitch.
No, wait. I used both of the tutorials to make flowers. Little Birdies as well.
These flowers were so simple and very addicting to make. Plus, we all know that I LOVE texture-
and these flowers look like they married texture!
I also love these pics of all different kids of flowers you can make on Little Birdie Secrets. It got my wheels turning so I could add my own flair to some of the flowers.
I then just added my own twist to the others that I made.
By the time I was done I had made
2 LARGE rosette/roses
4 Make It Do & Little Birdie Secrets Flowers
3 of Tausha’s own creations
Then it got tricky..

I glued the flowers to a ready made pillow with my hot glue gun!
You didn’t think that I would sew them,did you?
You know me better than that.
I also mentioned that it was FREE to make..right?
You should all make some of these! SOOO cute!

I can’t wait to make more!
Sorry there are so many pics in this post.
I just wanted you all to see the detail cause I know you want to make some for your house.
Plus, I just wanted you all to see how cool and cute old sheets could be!
And to give you another reason:
Good excuse to go thrifting #453:
To buy some sheets!
(just in case your husband asks why you have to go to the thrift…AGAIN, you have an answer!)

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Love you all!!


  1. Loving those big flowers! Ok, off to find some pillows I can do this on in my house.

  2. Cute pillow! Thanks for sharing and we don't care if things look like crap while the sewing is going on. :-)


  3. Cute pillows!!! I love frayed flowers. I'm here from The Girl Creative.

  4. cute, cute. love me some fun flowers.:)

  5. LOVE the pillow and the title of this post! hehe


  6. Love using sheets as fabric! They're so cheap especially at thrift stores! Thanks for the fabulous idea! Found you at Santa's Gift Shop blog hop! New follower!

  7. This pillow is so cute.What a great idea. Really like your blog.

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Love this pillow, but love the title even more!


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