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Lypo for your windows

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So, I was watching Good Morning America this morning and they were talking about the latest and greatest lypo/tummy tuck/get rid of all your fat rolls, treatments.

They said, everybody wants to look taller, longer and thinner.
I agreed and thought…
My windows need some Lypo!

I also wished that I could get some Lypo, but alas, they said that it was only for those who are who barely “overweight.”

So, I figured I could give my windows a little TLC. 
My own version of  “Window Dressing.”

This is what my front room window looked like before.
I am embarrassed to admit that they were like this for, far too long.
Why is it that it always takes us so long to do fabulous things?
So, a little bit of my window shame for you all to see.

Isn’t it lovely how the valance cuts the window in half and blocks most of the light from streaming in the room and making it feel like a warm, relaxing space. (for my dog)

Sorry about the 2nd picture.  I had to edit it as much as I know how. And we all know that my knowledge on editing is very small!  This window is extremely hard to take pics of because of the lighting.  So, use your imagination. Also, see that awesome purple shadow thing? That would be my lover, I mean my Dyson that I tired to Photoshop out of the pic. Again-photo editing skills-EL SUCKO!


I decided to take the window treatments out of my bedroom and move them around. I am so in love with these curtains!! LOVE them!!  Waverly olivey green damask print with a cream background. Did I mention that I love it?

On to the Lypo..
My curtain panels were 108” long, but still too short. I so lovingly begged, asked my fantastic Dad to move the curtain rod up. My husband was on a  business trip, and I was way to inpatient to wait for him.

What was that?

You are a decorator and you can’t hang a curtain rod? I know, I’m so lame! It’s not for lack of trying. For some reason, my right brained self can’t seem to wrap my mind around the whole curtain rod hanging thing.

Before a little work was done..                                                                A much better AFTER
           701                                                     DSCN1402

I needed to lengthen the panels. And since we already established that I am impatient-I scrounged through my fabric stash for a piece of fabric that would match & was large enough.

This tends to be somewhat tricky when the only pieces of fabric that I had that would match was  Muslin. Not my first choice, but sometimes there are happy coincidences.

Before the procedure                                                                         ahhhh after
DSCN1403                                                             DSCN1404

If you are new here. I will let you in on a little secret..

I can’t sew!! Not even a stitch. But I can glue..anything.

So, what’s a non-seamstress to do?
Hot glue of course.  I glued the fabric on and ironed-a lot!

Love how they turned out!

Look at the after.
Does it not look longer, leaner and thinner?

Told you, Lypo for your window!

Easy Peasy!

I love how it lengthens the room, almost making it feel more majestic.

If a front room in a 4 level split, can look majestic.
 Mine would fit the bill.
Love this Lypo thing!

Wonder if I can convince my husband to let me have some Lypo..

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  1. Love the curtain fabric... I heart damask! :) Found you through Crafty Soiree. Come party with me every "Flaunt it Friday", would love to have you. xoxo

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  3. Great job with an ornery shaped window.


  4. You amaze me when it comes to using glue in place of sewing! Who knew! The possibilities are endless! I keep thinking I need to get a sewing machine & learn to sew, but the more I see from you, the more I think that it's not necessary! Why sew when you can glue?!? The curtains look fantastic! Love the fabric!

  5. This looks great. I have a window similar to this except it's in a bay...frustrating! You did a great job with the curtains. I have some uneven curtains hanging on a window that came with the house. I'll need to try your extension technique on them!

  6. Fabulous job! Love letting the light in!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  7. THOSE are some HOT curatins! TOTALLY long, lean and fabulous! LOVE IT!


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