Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, So, Suck your TOE..

All the way to Mexico!
If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear!
Does anybody else remember this silly little rhyme? Remember when you were in  3rd grade and  you knew a bunch of  little, nonsense  rhymes? You know the ones  that you said when you jumped rope, and did the whole "clappy" hand thing?   Please say I am not the only one who ever did this!
My girls come home with all kinds of random rhymes, so apparently the tradition of weird,silly, fun to say while jumping rope sayings are still going strong!
Why I am even talking about toes and random rhymes is because
A: I am on Pain Pills
B: I am on the drugs because I had an ingrown toenail that was fixed today. 
(Holy swear word, OWW! It hurts like crazy!  Hence the “clever” title.
(*Let me remind you, I am on pain pills-so if this post is a little hokey, I have an excuse.* :)
I had plans to Ruffle-fy my craft room today. You know, ruffles on pillow, throws, curtains, garlands, framed art work, the TV, my dog..
Instead, I have sat on my butt and watched my way too full DVR.
Because I LOVE you all SO MUCH, I had to share a little something ,something with you, drugs or not.
If you're kids are bored, or just driving you crazy.  I have a super, simple, cheap idea.
A random fact about me, I LOVE magazines!  
There is just something about the glossy goodness that makes me HAPPY!
I'm a fan of Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Martha Stewart, pretty much any magazine that even mentions decorating.
I would probably buy a National Geographic if it had a headline similar to this:
"Make your Dirt Floor look new again."
(Reminder… under the influence of drugs. Please  laugh politely. Thank you)
I don't normally look at the Family Fun Magazine. I love their site and it's the first place I check when I need a fun idea for a class party or some printable coloring pages for 7.  I always make a mental note to come back and check the site because of all the awesome ideas. BUT..I always forget. 
Surprise,Surprise right?
For some reason, I now get the magazine in my mailbox and I LOVE it!
This is why it made me happy today:
A homemade shuffleboard game!
My fabulous husband used Frog Tape for the board. I wadded up some paper into disks and then covered them with in different colors of tape. One for each person that was playing.
The magazine suggested using Swiffer dust mops as sticks, but I don’t have one of those, so I improvised.
I used my broken broom handle for the stick. I taped on the largest  microfiber/triangle cover thing that is an attachment for my steamer. I just taped the cover to the broom handle.  That way it wouldn’t fly off why they were “shuffling.” (is that what they call it, I have never played before.)
Best Part?
It was free, easy, and took us 10 minutes to make and set up. 
My kids LOVED it!
Happy Chickadees = Happy Mom!!
Family Fun’s site has all kinds of fun, indoor games for kids. Most of the game ideas only require stuff you already have around the house. Don’t forget a  fantastic imagination! 
If you want to see more indoor game ideas, Check them out here. Lots of great party ideas!
Speaking of Birthday's-they have an article in February's issue featuring simple,easy, AWESOME ideas to make your child’s birthday unforgettable. Simple ideas that you will want to ad to your Birthday Traditions.
I figure since my eyes keep closing and my nose is starting to itch…
I should go to Bed!
Make sure to check out these parties for some Happy Inspiration!

Happy Wednesday!!



  1. Okay, the version we sang was "when you're there, cut your hair and stuff in it your underwear".

  2. THAT STINKS! My Mama has had that done like 3 or 4 times...I've seen how she suffered! I'm SO sorry! Thanks goodness for drugs right?! I love this idea. My boys would LOVE it too! Thanks girlie. Get that toe better:)



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