Monday, January 10, 2011

Old is new again

I am on day 3 of the “Great Craft Room Cleanup”
Yes-I named it.
You should have seen it! I am embarased that it got that bad! So not kidding. It just became the family dumping ground.  If they didn’t know where something went, or they were too lazy to put it away, they just threw it in the craft room.
Hence it got the title “crap” room instead of happy, cheery, my favorite place in the whole room.
I will say that this room has never been this organized!
Can’t wait until it’s done, I miss my glue gun!
I will post “after” pics-hopefully I will be done before the day is over!
Wish me luck!
In the meantime,I wanted to show a couple of pics of a home that we did a couple months ago.
Our cute client Joyce, is one of those people that blesses your life just by knowing her.
Her house was a joy to do!  It was a little tricky, but a joy none the less.  She has a 120” front window that is concave.
I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a challenge for me to come up with a solution for that window!
She loved the end results and we did as well. Joyce had some amazing pieces and family treasures. Everything in her home had a story.  These are my favorite houses to do.  A house that tells a story!
This is a great picture to show what a difference a color of paint can make. Now the space feels so cozy and warm. 
Like I said, Joyce had many treasures that she wanted to be surrounded by. I used an old door that she had (and I coveted) and used it as the background. I loved the dimension and texture that it added.  I used her husbands dad’s old camera’s in a glass jar.
This is a great tip to display a collection of something without it looking cluttered or messy. There were about 6 camera’s. By stacking the camera’s in the jar, you can still see them and enjoy the, you just don’t feel overwhelmed by them.
Does that make sense?
Joyce made the cross stitch pictures and the doorknobs were from a family members home. I just epoxeyed them to the glass of a frame.  Custom artwork with memories attached!
Took me 5 minutes!
I am such an instant gratification girl!
I loved how this turned out. I loved the story behind the doorknobs, so they had to seen! They now are a focal point instead of something forgotten.
Cozy and warm!
Ok-off to eat chocolate cake for breakfast!
Don’t judge! It is the bomb!
I have to eat it for breakfast because if I don’t, someone else will eat it before I can have it for lunch.
I am extremely selfish and I don’t want to share!!
Happy Monday!!!


  1. LOVE the difference...and I understand the chocolate cake thing.

  2. Looks like you changed the curtains too. Love the look!


  3. ATTA GIRL! Hope you enjoyed that cake. I would have just hid it from the world and chowed it in my closet:) I love the paint. That was the first thing I notice. I love the color. Looks like CHOCOLATE cake:)


  4. Love how you used that old door on the mantel!


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