Saturday, January 1, 2011

As seen on TV..

Not talking about myself..
Ha-lame joke I know.

This little "as seen on TV" product inspired me to clean my bathroom.
Awesome right?
Something that inspires you to clean your bathroom!
What is it??

I'm talking about this handy, dandy, little invention.
I picked this up at Big Lots before Christmas.
I was so sick of toothpaste all over my kids bathroom.
Really, it was everywhere.
So, I thought what the heck?!

This was so worth the money!
I love it!
I don't love that it is attached to my mirror, but it looks better than smeared toothpaste all over the counter.

I must tell you, if you get this, which I hope you will cause you will be so much happier-then you should probably just attach it to your mirror. (it has suction cups)
It comes with this stupid, plastic, disk thing that you can attach to your wall.
It doesn't stick to that.
You can try, but when it falls off and scares the crap out of you-don't say I didn't warn you.
Also-this works best with gel toothpaste.

It really is the bomb!
Teeth brushing time is a much cleaner experience.

Try it.
You can buy it on Amazon or at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
It's around $15.
Best money I have spent all month.
That might be stretching it just a bit.
I did get this cutest, new, welcome rug...

Anyway, this little invention just might inspire you to clean your bathroom too.
We need all the help we can get in that department right?

Happy Day!!

PS-nobody paid me any money or gave me free stuff to talk about this. I wish, but no. It's just me and my little, old opinion. :)



  1. Ooo---I am intrigued!!! :) Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Santa brought us a touch and brush and I LOVE IT!!!!!!. I haven't had to clean up tooth paste since. It is awesome.


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