Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And I think to myself..what a wonderful

 Craft Room wall…
(you should have been singing that..it makes for a better title)

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Ok, I am almost done with my craft room overhaul.

I know, who takes this long on a craft room?

Especially when they don’t even paint the walls?

I have a reason for that.

I have lime green carpet.
Yep, it is as fabulous as it sounds. I know all of you are jealous right now.  You all wish that you could have a room with a lime green, SHAG carpet!

The kicker, the people who lived here before we did, they put it in on purpose! My house is not that old, shag carpet was definitely not in when they installed it.

I also have a lime green wall to match the carpet. I don’t hate the wall color.  Or, maybe it has just started to grow on me.

Well, I wasn’t going to repaint the walls if I had to keep the carpet. I am far too lazy to do that.
Instead, I prefer to spend way longer “tweaking” a wall than I would have spent paining it.

Pathetic right?

I had to strategically place stuff on the wall so it would cover all of the holes and marks on the wall. Oh yes, I can’t forget to mention the blue anchors that I didn’t want to pull out because it would leave a gaping hole, and we already discussed the fact that I am lazy.

So, I started with a plain, beat up wall. Or I guess you could call it well loved. Either way, it looked like crap!
I wanted to put something on the wall that was fun, unusual and had texture! Plus, it had to be cheap.
(act surprised that these were the requirements-I know that I was totally going out on a limb here)
I got some fabric, and liquid starch. 

First of all, I didn’t even know that you could buy liquid starch. 

2nd of all, I had no idea that liquid starch would allow you to stick fabric to your walls.

My friend said that they used to do this all the time in the 60’s.  I figure everything that was once awesome is making a come back, so I thought I would be the one to bring this awesomeness back!

You need these things:

liquid starch-$3.00
A plate
Your fingers

see the lovely green carpet?
Nice, right?

So it is a common known fact that I can NOT sew.

Me and my pinking sheers are good friends. 

First thing I did was trace and cut out circles. I then trimmed the circles with my pinking sheers so they wouldn’t unravel.

I just traced a dinner plate, a salad plate and sample jar of paint for my circle sizes.


Now, this is  where it gets really complicated.
Pay extremely close attention to what I am going to tell you.

1-pour some starch on a plate. (it is totally up to you whether you use an old melamine plate that you made for your dad for fathers day 25 years ago.)

2. put your fabric circle in the starch.
3-Completely submerge the fabric into the starch and then, this part is really, really important. It’s tricky.

4-wring it out with your hands.
This part is so tricky that my 6 year old helped me. Smile
Family moment!

Then put it on your wall and smooth it out.
Don’t worry it will stick. Promise

I did this for a while until my wall started to look like this.
What was that? this is the worst picture ever?
I know, it was night time and I was excited. Sorry…
You get the idea though.

This was my original concept. I left it this way for about 3 mins until I decided that I wasn’t feeling it.Yes, I know that this picture sucks too.
It was ok, just not what I was wanting.

So, I went to bed and dreamed about it.
 I am totally serious here.
I messed with it and came up with this as the final product.

Well-sort of the final product. I did take off the cork board, I hated that. It is now replaced with a magnet board.  I am sure I will change my mind again, because that is what I do. 

A lot!!

Now I realize that this looks super busy to some of you. Or, maybe all of you. Actually, it is kind of busy to me too. When you only look at this wall. When you look at the whole room-it fits in perfectly!!


I love the fabric, I love the letters, I love the frames and
 I really, really, really love the flowers that I made out of tape, batting, fabric and ribbon!

When I was deciding what to do with my craft room, I looked all over online for inspiration pics.  I started going one way with it and then decided that it didn’t look like any of the pics that I had seen. So, I changed it, and started going a different way.It was when I was halfway done with the room in a style that wasn’t really me, that I stopped and thought, “who said that I have to fit into a certain style of decorating box?” I tell people this all time.

I kind of had my own ah-ha moment.

My craft room was my escape. My space that I could create, use my hands, chill out, eat chocolate and watch Ellen.  My craft room is my favorite room in my house. Not necessarily for what I create while I am in there, but for what my craft room creates me into.

I am a better mom when I create
I am a better wife.
 I am less stressed, less anxious and overall a happier person.

My kids all come home and pile into the big comfy chair in the craft room and tell me all about their days.  They feel safe, loved, secure and HAPPY!

So, after I had thought about all of these things, I decided that I would decorate my craft room in a way that made ME happy. No one else mattered. This was my refuge, so I wanted it to make me smile when I walked in. I wanted it to be a reflection of the way I felt when I was in there.

I am almost completely done with the entire space. Almost.  I just keep tweaking with it because..

A-that’s what I do
B-I want it to feel “just right.”

I can’t wait to show you the rest of the room!

 In the mean time, go and buy some starch and hang some fabric on your wall.
If it does nothing else than make you Happy!!

Off to add a couple more touches. 
 Then I am going shopping!! 
My mom and cute sis are taking me cause they love me and want to spend all of their free time with me…cause I am just that awesome!

And, it’s my birthday. On Thursday.  We start partying early around here!
Happy Tuesday!!
Hooking up with these fabulous parties!!


  1. it is beautiful! wow! love it!

  2. So dang cute, I can't wait to come see it in person.

  3. Very cute Tawsha!! It looks like a great room to create in. Have fun!!

  4. This turned out so cute! I put fabric on my walls using starch too, I used the spray kind, so I could just pin it on the wall, then spray it in place, never even considered dipping it first. I'll have to try it. I'm just jealous you have an entire room to yourself to craft ;)

  5. Tausha-
    This turned out great!! Very cute & very creative! Great job!

  6. That is a beautiful wall. I love it! Thanks for linking up at Trendy Treehouse!

  7. Happy Birthday yesterday!! :) I love your post! Thanks for sharing at the Trendy Treehouse! :)

    from blank pages...

  8. Too fun...I'm visiting from ATI. I've been trying to think of something to do in my little girl's room. I think I'm gonna try the starch idea. Love the frames and letters too! Thanks for sharing, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  9. it looks absolutely wonderful can you come over to my house and do the same thing? please

  10. That's so cool! I had no idea that starch would make fabric stick to the walls. Is it like glue . . . like a permanent fix? I like it, and I'm jealous I don't have a craft room at all . . . even if it did have a green carpet I'd take it!

  11. for another look entirely use the aluminum thermal "blankets" that are used for emergencies. Super thin but strong foil-ish. Using a paint roller, spread Liquid Starch on a top section of wall, the width of the foil blanket. Spread the blanket on the wall (I used tacks to hold it in place until the starch dried.)
    You can create a whole "mirrored" wall on the cheap. And when your child is ready for a change just peel off the foil and wipe the starch off the wall. No paint damage!

  12. HAPPY BIRFDAY SISTA! I hope you enjoyed your Mom and Sis time:) Wish I could come share some chocolate with you on your special day...cause we all know you're eatin' some right now! RIGHT?! Happy day girlie! Thanks for always making me happy! OH, the craft room is looking totally Taushalicious! I love that you are making it all for YOU! Rock on sista!


  13. You are so right about making a space that is happy for YOU! That's the reason I painted the laundry area of my basement my exact favorite shade of purple. Contractors who come into our basement always laugh at it, but for me, doing the laundry is so much more pleasant in my special purple place.

  14. Wow, I really love this! I am your newest follower :)


  15. i featured this today!



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