Friday, January 7, 2011

ABC’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

I love words!
I love letters!
I love chocolate and Diet Coke!
Thought I would share some of the letters that I have made up while eating Chocolate and drinking Diet Coke.  (food of creative champions..right?)
I had the opportunity to do a TV segment today all about letters! It was such great fun creating stuff and finding fabulous stuff AND getting AWESOME stuff in the mail!
Who doesn’t love Happy mail?
If you want to watch..
Click HERE
(While you are on Studio 5’s website-you can watch my past segments if you want. Just type Tausha in the search bar.)
I know, I know, shut up Tausha, we want to see the creations!
First-I have to tell you about Kiki.
I was first drawn to her because her name is Kiki! Say it out loud, it’s fun right?
She has some amazing skills as a digital designer! I asked her to put together some prints using letters and she did not disappoint.
Some of her creations at my house. (I so love being the recipient of happy mail)
I love everything, but I really,really, really, love the Tree! She used the letters in my last name as the leaves on the tree. She also added “planted in 1999” the year we were married.  How cute would this be for a wedding gift, a shower gift or if you just want to give the perfect gift!  Family Name Tree Print
She also did the alphabet-you can customize your colors on this. I did one with red/mustard and moss green’s for my family room. She also did one with some fun pinks for 6’s room. Mixed up alphabet print
I LOVE, LOVE the scrabble print! She will also customize this one as well. She used my family name and then words that described our family.
(she forgot to add bossy, opionated, & hairspray!)
Scrabble Family Print
She also created this super DARLING I love you print.  Her version is much cheaper than the $278 one she used as inspiration. What would we do without Fabulous inspiration?!
Every Day I Love You Print
You know you want one of everything! Go, go and shop!
She has a shop:
and a blog:
She is crazy talented and you are so welcome for introducing her to you!
Check her out and tell her I sent you.
I also found the incredibly, awesomely, amazing talented Christine at
Goat Grin Studio. She is a mom to 2 little boys and a fab-o vinyl designer! Her creations are all amazing, unique and a perfect addition to any space!
I LOVE this:
SALE 35% OFF - Custom Name Family Compass with GPS coordinates - Vinyl wall decor
And this:
Wrought Iron - Vinyl wall or window decor
And this:
Aspen Forest - Vinyl Wall Decor
I especially love this! So much so, she made it custom just for me!! I forwarded the $150 inspiration to her and she created this!
Font Love - Vinyl Wall Decor
Holy cow! $38 is totally affordable!
I have to show what I did for the show with this vinyl.
I used an old 6 pane window I had laying around. It had a broken pane & also had taken up residence in my craft room for the past 2 years. It needed to be USED!! I was sick of it hanging out behind the door.
a piece of this kind of wood-$4 
A much cheaper alternative to a $40 piece of plywood.
some crown molding & the miter saw! I love power tools. Not enough to learn how to effectively use them or anything though.
I also used this guy. He lovingly made this for me when it was a balmy 21degrees!
I know, he’s the BOMB right?
He put it all together for me. It turned out like this.
Are some of you wondering why in the heck I had to use the window frame to make a frame? I wanted it to be dimensional.  I had the window pane and it was the right size. It saved me money and time being annoyed because my husband could not read my mind!
I know, I’m a thinker, right?
I painted it with Navajo White from Home Depot. I just used a $3 sample can.
(this is the same color that I used on my Kitchen Makeover)
I wanted it to look a little on the rough side, so I more dry brushed it than really painted it.
I then used some stain to age it up. DON’T use oil based stain! Use water based. Just sayin..
Then we let it dry COMPLETELY and then we stuck on the vinyl. You need a helper to do this, just because the vinyl is so large.
I then pulled out a package of nail files from the dollar store and sanded and roughed up the frame. I LOVE to use nail files to sand stuff indoors.
Why? Because I am lazy and I don’t want to go outside to FREEZE just to sand.  Therefore, I use what I have because I am lazy and like to be warm.
Did I mention that I LOVE how this turned out?  I really was surprised at how easy this was and how fabulous it turned out!! Really!
I am totally telling the truth here. Plus, it’s cheap!
One of my favorite words!!
Total cost:
Vinyl: $38.00
Molding: $5.00
Wood: $5.00
Total: $48.00
Not too shabby for a 48” long and 32” wide custom piece of art!
I didn’t know how much my wall needed a bit of a facelift until I did it.
Much better right?
After: for my family room!
So thank you Kiki and Christine! You both made my house beyond awesome!!
Go and see what fantastic ideas these parties have in store for your eyes tonight! Pretty sure I will find something else to add to my to-do list!!

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  1. I loved your spot on KSL and absolutely love the vinyl art you put together. I'm going to need to get one, darnit!:)

  2. you are so cute, tausha. I loved your vinyl as well..and your letter box. So fun!:)And yes, I do LOVE my name as well.:)

  3. Hi Tausha! Just letting you know, I am looking! Love ya!

  4. It turned out great. And he IS the bomb! 21 degrees! Brrrrrrr!

  5. LOVE your interpretation of it Tausha! Thanks for the opportunity and glitter!

  6. We love vinyl lettering!!! And this looks like an easy, but lovely way to display those fun letters!!! Thanks so much for linking up at Fancy This Fridays!!! We hope to see you again this Friday!!! :)

  7. It looks great! I love letters and numbers... the scale of the piece is great for that wall.

  8. I love the tree with the letters of the last name. What a great idea. Actually, my mind is spinning with all of the fabulous things in this post!!


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