Monday, December 13, 2010

We NeEd A LiTtle ChRisTmas..

The ideas that you are about to read, are sure to make even Pottery Barn green with Envy!
(in my opinion:)

These are my grandparent's.
They look amazing for their age right?
Ha-I am so lame with the jokes in the morning!

Anyway..we (my mom and I) had the opportunity to deck their halls with a whole lot of Christmas cheer. Their home was showcased in a little, local town Christmas Parade of Homes.  It was such fun to pull out all of her old treasures that I remember so well from when I was a kid.
We put little tip cards all over the house.  We shared some simple, fun ideas with everyone of how they could make their own homes a little more festive.
Now, I realized that it is the 13th of December and most people already have their Christmas decor up.
I am hoping that maybe some of you are like me.
Meaning, you are constantly rearranging stuff until you like it, no LOVE it.
If your not, just file some of these ideas away until next year.
Or, just humor me.
This first one-is a little vignette that i created on my Grandma's kitchen counter.  I used a jar and filled it with all of her old cookie cutters. The same ones that I remember making a mess with when I was little. I also pulled out her old, trusty, I so want these when she is not around anymore cannisters. I remember opening these and "gently" sprinkling flour on the counter so the cookies wouldn't stick.
 I added her old rolling pin, a cookie sheet and old egg beater.  My favorite idea of the whole thing is the "ribbon recipe"  I tied some cute, wide Christmas ribbon around the jar. I then tied a strip of muslin over that. I used my trusty sharpie and wrote her recipe for Sugar Cookies on the muslin. 
I LOVED this! I loved this idea so much I went to the thrift store and fought a lady for a bag of old Christmas cookie cutters so I could so this idea myself. I am proud to say that I won! (don't worry, I wasn't mean or anything-just aggressive and a little more quick than she was. :) 
I think that this would be a darling idea to do for a teacher or a neighbor gift. Just buy new cookie cutters, add a mix to the jar and write a recipe on the muslin.  Too cute!!
 We also embellished most of her lampshades with some sort of Christmas something or other. This particular one I used some ribbon and one of the sticky back bows. Others, I used holy picks, ribbon and even birds.  I also embellished her pillows with ribbon and anything else that I could pin to the pillow.
this is such an easy thing to do. Then, when Christmas is over-you still have your original pillow.
I know, I am such a genius right?
Now, I don't decorate my kitchen table for Christmas. Not like this anyway. We still have to eat at ours, so this wouldn't exactly work at our house.  But, if you are like my mom and happen to have 2 kitchen tables, then by all means, go to town.
 The tablecloth is a quilt that I found at the thrift store. $1
 We made cones from super cute scrapbook paper and hung them on her chairs. I just filled them with sprigs of evergreen that I cut off from a garland, holy picks and some berries.
I even made place card holders. I ripped up some muslin and glued it to an ornament. I pulled out my sharpie marker and wrote the names of her kids at each spot.  I just set them in the goblet so you could see them.
This is so easy to do-even your kids could help. 
 Her tree. Oh how I loved the way her turned out. When we do our trees, we like to add a few big things to make it interesting. I love using things that one wouldn't normally use in a tree. I have used clocks,dishes, books and now poinsettias.
Yes, these are live poinsettias. Because her tree is fake, I was able to just put them in between the branches. Easy, cheap and fabulous!! Don't forget to water. 
 These 2 wreaths are like the one's that I made for TV. 
They are extremely simple to make and they look so fabulous when you are done.  
I used live wreaths. You can use fake, I just didn't love the look of the finished product as well.
Just find some ornaments, Styrofoam balls, yarn, string, lace etc.. Then get to rolling. I attached everything to the top of the wreath with the yarn or string. I just layered each ball when I put on. I made sure that I used all different kinds of the yarn. This gave it a fun, textured look.
Do this-it's sooo easy and so satisfying. 
 I pulled out some of her teacups and stacked them in little vignettes.  I just added the green, holly and berries again.  I loved how this turned out. It was something special that would not have normally been on display. A lot of people commented on this. So, bring our your dishes and stack away!
 This one is so simple, you will laugh.  Use rock salt as fake snow in your groupings.  It works fabulously and it doesn't fly all over the place like the plastic snow that you buy at the store. 

I have an obsession with battery operated candles. Really, pretty sure it's a sickness. 
Anyway, I used them in this little vignette. I just added some glass jars and vases from her stash. Brass candlesticks, berry wreaths and books-all from her collection as well. I love how festive and beautiful this turned out. This is the first thing you see when you enter her home. It really sets a wonderful mood.

 She had a round table with the screw in legs. You now the kind that you can get from Wal-mart for under $5? I just layered some tablecloths and then tied the top of the table with some tulle. A present if you will. Well, at least it was for her cat anyway. this is where she likes to hide. 
 A view of the family room, all festived out. I loved how it turned out. So warm, cozy and inviting!! 

 Last but not least, the reason why we celebrate this time of year. She has a beautiful Christus statue.  I simply arranged some green and some berries around His feet.  This was truly my favorite part of her whole house. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my Grandparent's home. I loved doing this and feel so very blessed to have given them this gift this Christmas season. It is small in comparison to all the years of love, support and strength that they have given me, but it was something from me to them.

Love you Grandma!!

Stay tuned. I have some fun creations to share with you this week. All for cheap and all with your glue gun!!
Happy Monday!!



  1. Now you've got me pulling out all my cookie cutters. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Hi, I like your blog, and hope to see you on mine. I'm your newest followers now. :)

  3. OKAY..lets see...I love the quilt on the table. I love the little cones hanging from the chairs. The flowers in the tree. GORGeous! I loved the mantle. The cookie cutter jar and all the fun little things you did! AWESOME job! Thanks for letting us totally snoop:)

  4. Nice job! I love the stacked coffee cups!


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