Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's over, now what?

I took it all down.
Every last little bit of it.
Not sure what's wrong with me, but I didn't even have Christmas up for a whole month.
I took advantage of the snow storm and got to work.
After I took a nap, of course.
I do have my priorities.

I wanted to share a couple of ideas that help me get the decorations down quick, and help me remember a couple of things for next year.

First-I labeled my totes by room. Not sure if this will help me next year, but I'm really hoping so.

2nd- I labeled all 4 sides of my totes with what is in it. That way-when my husband brings all the totes up next year-he will know which room to put it in. I know, genius right?

3rd-I took pics of all the vignettes that I liked.  My old door, picture shelves and sofa table. They are saved in a file on my computer-that way. I can see what I liked and what I didn't.

4th- I have a little notebook that I recorded all the things that I wanted to make sure that I remember next year.  Things like-Don't forget that bought new lights for your upstairs tree.  You also bought 2 packages of gift bags-DON'T buy anymore!
I also included what stores were good after Christmas shopping and what stores to avoid.  I wrote down a couple of teacher gifts that I saw this year that I wanted to remember.  Neighbor gift ideas and also the fact that Harmon's has all of their Christmas candy for a buck!!! 
Who can resist a $1 bag of chocolate?
If you say YOU can, your lying.
Come on, it's a dollar!

No one had any mint m&m's.I looked at 6 stores. Totally not exaggerating!  
So, if any of you find some-buy them, then let me know. I will even pay you a finders fee and the cost of shipping. 
I am so NOT kidding!!!
Therefore, I also made sure to include a little reminder to buy 50 bags of mint m&m's next year.
I put the notebook in a tote and called it good.

5-This is kind of a tip and or a reminder for next year.
I meant to do this little idea at the first of December-but I forgot. 
 We go and pick up a new Christmas book every year as a family. Then, when Christmas is over, I take a minute and write down any new traditions that we made, favorite gifts and any other memory I want to make sure that we remember. I included our most recent family pic in the book this year. 
It is so fun to pull those books out and read about Christmases past.  
I highly recommend doing this!
 I was at a local book store last night, and they had all of their Christmas books half off. So, maybe you would want to pick one up.

OK-going to bed.  
Planning on sharing some fab inspiration finds tomorrow.
Until then, you can look at what my tree looked like before I took it all down :)



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your tree! So unique.


  2. This year my daughter found some cherry chocolate m & m candies. They were divine!! Couldn't find them in my small town, though. She had to get them in the big city!! ♥♫

  3. Thanks for the great tips on labeling all 4 sides of the totes. And writing down what you did and what you bought for next year. Love the ideas. Love all your great ideas. Keep posting.


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