Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's all in the way you LOoK at things....

Merry Christmas!

I hope that all of you had a fabulous day!
I think, no, I  know, that we had one of the best Christmas Days ever!
It wasn't all the stuff that my children got (holy crap, I know they were not THAT good-I was there :)
or all the food that we ate (hmmmm, the leftovers are calling my name.)
or even the fantastic 3 hour nap that my husand and I the middle of the day! (yes, it was heavenly!)

It was the company.
It wasn't that the company was different people.
Yes, my extended family has grown, but my little family has stayed the same.
There was just something different about today.
Honestly-I couldn't quite put my finger on it..until now.
Actually-it was almost an hour ago, but the thought came to me while I was in the shower.
The difference this year-was me. I was more "present."

This is me and my family.
I am no one incredibly special, talented, or inspired. In fact, I am a yeller, I hate to do the dishes and I am too lazy to take my dog out for a walk when it's cold outside.

BUT-I am a lover of my glue gun, my children, my husband,and give me a good decorating magazine, and I am a happy girl! I find inspiration in strange, everyday, really you got a decorating idea for your bathroom from a movie type of gal.  

The reason why I am telling all of you this.
We ended our crazy, fun and memory filled day with a movie and blankets.
There was fighting over who got to sit where and whines of why it wasn't fair that I got to drink Diet Coke in the family room and they didn't. (because I said so, that's why!)

Then the movie started, and my opinion about lots of stuff changed.

We watched Ramona and Beezus.  (a darling show!)
It wont win an Oscar, or any special awards, but to me, it will hold a special place.
We all laughed at the show and I cried when the cat died.

Then I started to notice some things.
 I noticed how cute the pillow was on the movie living room couch. 
The darling lamp shade in Ramona's new room.
I noticed that Ramona made up a superb new word-FANTASTICAL.
  I also noticed that this family was far from perfect. They didn't have a lot of money, they had their own trials, but they always seemed to remember to look at the things that they did have.
No matter what!
As embarrassed as I am to say this-this little movie whispered to me-
"it's all in the way you LOOK at things."

 I decided that I am going to start looking at everyday things a little different.
The cute designs on pillows, the fun lampshades, the way my 2 big girls giggle themselves to sleep every night or even the fact that ALL of my children ate what I cooked for dinner.
 I am going to start looking around me for things that inspire.
I am going take a mental note, or even a real note. (this would be done only because I will NOT remember the mental note. Maybe I should make a mental notebook. :)
 When something or someone inspires me some way.

Who knew a movie would do this to me?
Funny, right?
I know that some of you are thinking that I am crazy.
That's ok-for the most part, I am. 
I have accepted this as a fact, not just a trait:)
(scary? :)

I am happy that I cried with Ramona when her kitty died and I am thrilled that my girls and I are going to make our own version of the world longest picture. 
I got little butterflies when I heard the word TERRIFICAL and knew that I finally had a plan how I was going to decorate my stairway wall. 

So-I am going to change the way I look at things.
I am going to look at every day as an opportunity to tell my girls how fabulous they are.
Terrifical even.
I am going to start noticing the little things in my world that offer me inspiration for my home, my refuge from the world. My place where my family-will feel loved, important and safe.
Thought that you would all like to come along with me.

My goal is to share the ideas and inspiration that come from random places, (cause that's how I roll)
with all of you. 
Now, please don't expect every day posts.
I do have to be realistic. :)
But please expect a dose of inspiration of some sort every time you visit my little blog.

I want you to leave my little piece of this digital world a happier, maybe,if I am having a really good day,  a little more inspired person.
And if I am doing it right, you will also feel more confident, excited and just a bit more smiley in general. 

Christmas this year was incredible!
My greatest gift-the soft reminder of..
It's all in the way you LoOk at things.

Merry Christmas All!!
Talk to you all soon!!

**Today's Terrificalness:***
gain inspiration from the people that you love you. 
AND totally borrow their fabulous accessories!

This is my family-I know that they love me. (most of the time) 
They inspire me, keep me on my toes, and most of the time, make me happy!

You can't tell that we are related..right?!  Ha!



  1. Lots of cute spikey hair goin' on there, Ladies... What fun you all look as though you are having.

    Merry Christmas at ya'll.


  2. Ladies, you all look fabulous and happy. Well wishes for the new year.

  3. AWESOME IDEA! Life is WAY too short to be going around poopy all the time. (I'm talking about myself!) Thanks for making me smile as always. I'm totally going to go and try my best to look at things a little differently:) Like that pile of laundry that's calling my name!

  4. I got that movie from Christmas--because of some of the things you mentioned. It is a good movie that reminds us that things can be NOT perfect ands till be alright. "cause everything's....gonna be alright!"

  5. What a beautiful post....and a beautiful family =)

  6. WHAT A CUTE FAMILY!!! I love your family picture, you guys look great. It was fun to read your thoughts, I really liked that idea of your being more "present." I wish we weren't so far away, I would love to get together and catch up one day... You are beautiful! I love you.

  7. Hi Tausha! I've been perusing through your blog for over a half hour and I am in love! This post especially touched my heart. I definitely need to work more on being in the present. Thank you for stopping by I {heart} Crafty Things! Have a great weekend!


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