Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm soo tired..

Don't know what to do..

Did you know that this is a Beatles song?
I had no idea!
You know me.
I love a great post title that used a name of a song in it.
I know..weird.

Why am I so tired?
Well-I have been setting up Christmas for my favorite Grandma for the past 2 days.
Well-she is my favorite and I love her alot..but also, her home is going to be featured in a local
"Christmas home show" in Brigham City Utah!
So..we have been working our fingers to the bone getting ready for the show.

What was that?
You would love to see pictures? too.
That would require me to take my camera out of my purse and take pictures.
Not too remember that I had the camera in my purse WHEN I got home.
Yep! I am so awesome!

So..if your local-you must check out the show!
You will love it!!
My grandparents live in Perry-if you want more info-let me know. to bed.
I'm sooo tired!
(besides-I get to FINALLY set up Christmas at my OWN house! Wahoo!)

PS-if you want to laugh, read a fabulous tutorial on how to make your own mercury glass AND get a fabulous recipe for a Cranberry Coffee Cake..
Click Here!!
You will be as happy as I was!!



  1. WELL HOW FANCY IS THAT?! SO fun. I can only imagine how beautiful it all turned out. I HATE that, I ALWAYS forget my stupid camera! I wish we could just upload pictures from our brains so we didn't have to carry a camera everywhere we went...don't you? Hey, I should totally invent a chip that goes in your head. Don't be hatin'. You were just wishing you came up with my fabulous brain chip idea, huh? It's all good...I'll let you know when I figure it out. I let you try it out first. MAN, I need to go to bed! HEHEEE! SO SILLY!

    Of course you can use my Cupboard Door crazy. Just don't forget to wear my picture on the front of your shirt and to spell out my name on your finger nails. TOTALLY KIDDING! REALLY, I need to go to bed! I'm excited to see what you do. Thanks for coming by:) SmoOChes!


  2. Thanks for the link over, you're a doll :) Wish I still lived in UT so I could go check it out! I hope you got a few naps in and that you're feeling better :)


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