Friday, December 31, 2010

Big wheels keep on turning....

If your kids are driving you crazy or you need a quick, easy and satisfying project.
Checkthis out.
Super easy and super fun!
You will love it!

SO, I went shopping the other day.
This is nothing new, or even surprising, but I found some fabulous things that inspired me!
I had to share.
Even if ur not excited about my randomness, just pretend.

I first have to make sure you all understand how much I LOVE shopping the day(s) after Christmas
It's my favorite thing about the holiday.
Who doesn't get a little excited when they see one of these? 
Don't lie, you know this tag  makes you smile too. :)
You would think that if it is one of my most favorite things, I would save some money for the occasion.
Nah, I prefer the whole thing to end with my husband getting mad at me because I spent too much! :)
He is one that does NOT get excited when he see's a 70% off tag. 
Silly man!

 The inspiration:

When I was at Target (one of my favs) I picked up a throw and some contact paper.

I know what you're thinking. 
That is the cutest contact paper you have ever seen, right?
Too cute to put inside your cupboards.
I thought the same thing as well.
Although, I did cover on 1 cupboard with it.
It was a pain!
I will not be using the cutest contact paper for the purpose it was intended.

But..I will be using it for something else.
It involves frames.
Thats all I can tell you.
The reason may or may not be because I have not made anything yet.

At least I'm honest right?

The throw is not going to be used as a throw.

Look at that texture.

Yummy right?
I am so excited to cut this baby up!
You can't beat the $6 price tag.

Now, I guess I should go and clean the rest of my house.
Then...I can pull out the glue gun. 
Yes, I have to bribe myself to work.
Don't judge. 
I'm lazy.

One last thing..
MAC concealer stick
This stuff is the bomb!!
Works fabulously to highlight your eyes and define your lips so they look
picture perfect!
Best $14.50 I have spent in at least 3days!
Try it out.
You will love it!

You're welcome!
Happy New Years Eve!!

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