Monday, November 8, 2010

With a little bit of yarn & glue..

Kind of.
Just wanted to give you a peak of what I was doing last night.
While the dog was snoring at my feet,

I will be back to share how and some more creations.
Off to the help 6 read and add numbers.
Pretty sure I WILL need a Diet Coke and some thrifting time when I am done.

Talk to y'all soon!!


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  2. Hi Tausha...I've seen those yarn balls somewhere...oh yeah...I saw them in my good friend Joyce's living room! You did an awesome job for her! I can't wait to learn how to make some yarn balls and see more creations. I love your work and ideas, thanks for sharing them on your blog!

    Marci Boudreau

  3. Ohhhh you know how to make someone come back for a visit..LOL!! Am excited to learn how to make one of these.



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