Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who said that being a flake wasn't cool?

OK-so Halloween is over..(barley) & now I'm thinking about Christmas!
Yes, probably, but I LOVE Christmas!
I think that there is a little bit of magic that comes from the fabulous holiday of red and green.

I am one of THOSE people.
I go crazy when it comes to Christmas.
So, I thought since it is snowing at my house,
it would be fun to show you to make your own Snow flakes for Inside.

Snow outside and snowflakes inside.

Kind of.
I made some snowflakes out of wood.
Paint sticks, rulers, cofee stirrers, popsicle sticks and any other wood I could find that was long and skinny.

I also used some of the those woodsie's circles.
I would have used some triangles and squares-but they didn't have any at the store. When I asked the girl if they had some somewhere else-she just stood there and couldn't believe that they didn't have any other shapes besides circles.

Off my little rant and onto the tutorial...:)

Ok-you will need 2 paint sticks per snowflake.
I used the great big ones-the kind they give you when you buy a 5 gallon bucket of paint
and the regular kind.

Pull out the hot glue gun and get flakey!!
(I know, that was sooo lame!)

Just glue and layer.
Really-you can't mess this up.
All of my kids made some as well.
The best part about this project-the more different they all are--the better.

Keep layering-  Add some of the other sticks.  You will need lots of glue sticks for this.
 I found some small, pointy sticks. I just added these on the ends-for some intrest.
I then added some circles and I was done!!

You should then wait until 9:00 at night to spray paint.
Preferably the night before a big storm.
It's really is best if  you then have to beg your friends husband to take his garage heater off of the wall so you can heat your garage because you have to paint some snowflakes..
RIGHT NOW..because you waited until the last minute.
Really-it's the best method.
Trust me..
I rigged up a some strange apparatus with a garden hoe, ladder, shelf and fishing line to get these painted.
I didn't take a picture..use your imagination.

Tip-I did bring them in the house to dry.
If it's cold at your house, I highly reccomend that you do this.

When the paint is dry-glitter-if you want.
You know my motto-everything looks better with a little sparkle.

Use the good glitter. Martha Stewart, or Joann'es does carry some sugar glitter as well.
It will stick much better and it's wayyy more sparkly.
Unless of course-you love having glitter ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE because it sticks to everything else except the flippin snowflake!!
Of course you can also use the Glitter Spray Paint. 
You could use the white, or silver or blue. 

I hung them on my bannister.  I am also going to put them in my tree-and probably my window.
My girls are begging to make more.
We will see how nice I am.

 I also made this fun frame with the help of the dollar store and some fishing line.
LOVE this!! So easy, cheap and it looks awesome!

I showed how to make these and a couple of other fun winter ideas on Studio 5.

OK-the ridiculous amount of laundry is calling my name. 
I really need a Diet Coke!!
Happy MoNdaY all!!


  1. How fun these are! And so easy. Love them. Good luck on tv.

  2. Loved the framed family snowflakes- what a great idea! I'm doing it!! I have a snowflake collection & I LOVE it because I can put them up for Christmas & not take them down until February. Great ideas, have a wonderful day!

  3. Great segment on Studio 5 today Tausha! Can you suggest where I can get some wooden coffee stirers? (preferrably FREE!)

  4. My last name is Flake and I LOVE to decorate with snowflakes, especially during the holidays. Thanks for giving me to fresh, new ideas!

  5. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Craft Edition - I featured you today! - Mandy, www.craftedition.blogspot.com

  6. Tausha I watched your segment on Studio 5. Loved it. Your segment always makes me smile and think I could actually do that. :)

  7. Really cute snowflakes! I love the frame too!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites! Hope to see you again this week! Also, I'd like to invite you to my Holly Bloggy Christmas Recipe Party next Thursday!

  8. I stopped back by to let you know that I'm featuring you this week! Come by and grab my featured button if you'd like one!

  9. I made one of these as well! I saw it in a magazine and knew I wanted to try it. I only made the large on but knew that it would be cute to make smaller ones as well.

  10. What a cute idea! I am your newest follower! You can follow me at http://craftycierra.blogspot.com/ Dont forget to enter my giveaway! If you are interested in doing a blogswap, please email me at CierraLarsen at hotmail dot com


  11. Being a flake is the best... believe it or not my maiden name is flake and i live in a little ol town named Snowflake that my third great grandpa founded. True story. Love your Blog!!


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