Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Take your cat & leave my Sweater..

cause we have nothing left to weather..

Ahh-Nothing like starting your morning with a little Keith Urban!!

Your welcome!!

Just wanted to show you what I have spinning around in my head lately.
A pillow made from old sweaters!
I have had an obsession with it actually.
I dream about wool sweaters and the possibilities.
I know..I'm a freak!
Stay tuned..I have many more "old Sweater" projects to show.

Just a funny thought that I would share.
I found this on the kitchen counter this morning.
My 9 yr old did the list and 6 did the drawing.
My favorite is the letter K
Thought that I would share the giggle!

 Happy Wednesday!!!



  1. I think the "N" says Knowing. But who knows with that cutie!! I do love the killing the turkey one. Because like she has EVER seen that. lol

  2. OK I visit your blog often and love it. I love the K as well. Made me giggle! Thanks.

  3. Your kids are so sweet. Killing the turkey...isn't that what Thanksgiving is about for all of us?!! ;)

  4. Hey Tausha-We missed you at Scraps of Simplicity this Fall. Everyday I check out what cute things you have done. Love the sweater pillow. I actually did some for my boys rooms and they turned out very Boyshily cute.


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