Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little less talk and a lot more action..

Man, I have been a little absent lately.
I apologize!

My husband was out of town all of last week, I was mom of the year-for sure while he was gone.
I finished up my last client of the year. :) (yea)
8's room-aka the construction site-is almost done, (thanks to my dad)
I have discovered the most perfect blue-grey paint color which now adorns one of her walls. 
 (really, it's fab)
I can't wait to show you the finished project.  I am waiting on my carpet man.
I have a couple of TV segments this next week that I am working on and..
It's almost Black Friday!!
Really-it's one of my most favorite day's of the year!!

So..a little bit of what I have been up to the past 24 hours-ish.
I have a TV segment tomorrow on fun, Christmas fillers for apothecary jars.
I have way more apothecary jars than any normal person should have.
Pretty sure,,,

A sneak peak of what will be on the segment tomorrow.

Some of Santa's Sweet Shop:

 Homemade ice cream cones!
 All done with the help of my girls, glue gun and pom pom's.
 I will post a how-to later on today. It really is super easy and fun to do with your kids.
Warning: White Pompom's are wayyy too expensive! (in my opinion)

 Advent Apothecary

 This would be the project that helped me realize that I am getting old!
 I had a hard time seeing the buttons on my cricut.
I am still wayyy too young!
On the up side..I can get some fabulous, super cute glasses.
Because, fashion is really what it's all about!!

 I am puffy heart loving felt stickers.

  Really-they are cheap and fantastic!
Stay tuned to see why.

We have a blizzard warning here today.
Crazy! I don't remember the last time we had a full blown, blizzard!
I am hoping on finally getting rid all of the sheet rock dust that is covering
 every inch of my house!
A little laundry done.
Soup made for dinner.
And of course, the most important thing on my list...

I will be back..
Lucky You!
Try not to miss me too much!



  1. Wow! You have been super mom. I hope you post a link to your tv segment. That's where I first saw you and fell in love with your creativity!

  2. HEY, okay can you say total CUTENESS? I love them. Don't get snowed in...CrAZY! Happy Turkey Day!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite


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