Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fireplace Facelift's...

**warning-I did not proofread this post before I hit publish-you have been warned if I don't make perfect sense!! Thank you for understanding in advance!!***

I have been MIA lately.
I could go on and tell you how my life has been busy, but every one's life is busy-so you already know.
Hope there are still people out there in blog world that will even read this post.
Forgive me?

OK-So the weather is changing here. The crisp, fall mornings have replaced the warm, summer ones. The leaves are changing on my honey locust trees and there is frost on the ground!!
(yea-ALL of my plants are dead!! No more watering!!)
So basically I'm saying-Fall is here.
Duh Tausha!
Well-fall means cozy, warm, blankets, and crackling fires.
Since I don't have a fireplace, I have to live vicariously through others.
We have done a couple of Fireplace Face lift's lately-so I thought I would share.
Since it's the season and all.
I know, I am so thoughtful!
These are quick, easy changes that anyone can do.

Her fireplace fell flat.  It was the star of the room, yet not in the spotlight..yet.
This client was a collector. She collected a lot of stuff-but she had a special liking to beehives. She had some really fabulous stuff-and we wanted her house to be her-
so we showcased her beehive collection.
 We replaced the pic with a clock. The picture was large-but it was a painting of a town-so it was hard to focus on it.
We used different heights of things, and layered. We also brought in the honey tones that were in her other furniture pieces.

This house was a blast from the past with a few updates throughout.
Look at that fabulous hanging light!
Awesome right?
My grandma had one of those.
Anyway-her fireplace had painted brick-dum dum dum.....
There are a lot of people who really hate this-but I wanted to show how you could go with what you got and still have it look fantastic!!

 First-the 90's dried eucalyptus had to go. We added a large picture and some candlesticks.
We used the gold color as an accent through out the space. We also added some battery powered candles.
I am so in love with these things right now!! I have put them in every clients house! They give such a warm, cozy glow.
We layered the glass candlesticks with some brass ones that she already had. We also used her gold vases and some fun plates. We added some ceramic, textured balls to help soften all the angles and lines of the fireplace.  We also added a wreath. This softened as well.  We hung it on her antique, brass music stand!

You might have noticed that we flanked the picture with some doorknobs.
Not just any door knobs-these beauties!
Her mom had them under her bed for years. She pulled them out and asked if we could use them and I practically screamed YES!!
I just cut some bead board to fit into some long frames. I painted everything Oregano (rustoleum spray paint) and then I Gorilla Glue EPOXIED the knobs to the bead board.
the epoxy worked fabulously on this project.
I was originally going to try and glue the knobs to the glass-then realized it would be too heavy.
Yep-I'm super smart right?!

This would be where I would show you the entire room-
but stupid blogger wont let me upload anymore pics!
Anyone else had this problem?
If so-please share the remedy.
So annoying!!

I will post that whole makeover sometime this week.
Really-anyone know how to make this work?!!

Hope I shared some fun tips that you can use to cozy up your fireplace.
I'm off to buy spray paint.
Soon the spray paint with drawl's will hit-full force.

Happy Tuesday!!


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  1. TOTALLY CUTE! The beehive one turned out SO cute. Oh and the doorknobs...SO not fair! I want some. Great job. I'm excited you're back:)

    Jennie @ CInnaberry Suite


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