Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Answers & how to incorportate little pet shop in your christmas decor...

How is that for the longest title ever?

I have had a couple of requests for some things.
First-here is the link for the advent activities.  I got them off of Family Fun's website.  I just printed them on card stock and cut them out.


Also-some have requested a copy of my good deeds-from my good deeds jar idea.
I just made these up. They are pretty generic and will work for most age groups.
If you have no idea what I am talking about-maybe I should explain a couple of things.

When I was on Studio 5 last week.
I did apothecary fillers.

In case you want to watch it-click here

One of the "fillers" was a daily good deed.  I made each of my girls a jar and filled it with good deeds. Every day, the each pull out a slip and try their best to do the good deed all day. (if it can be)
Then, when the day is over they sign their name on the back of the "deed" slip and put in a special box that we have under our Christmas tree.
This is a simple reminder to our family what Christmas is all about.
It's not about the stuff, but about the people we can help, By serving others we open our hearts to receive more blessings and Love from the Savior.
So, this little deed box, is our gift to the Savior.  The real reason why we celebrate Christmas.
A small reminder for all of us to do a little better each day.
The girls are so excited for tomorrow!! Really hoping that this lasts all month. :)

The "good deeds" list can be found here

I have been decorating all day. I wish that I could say that I was done.
Not even close. I still have 3 trees downstairs to do.
Lucky Me!

A couple of things I have done.
My old door with a bit of Christmas cheer.

Then..6 & I-we created this.
I made these houses last year. 
We didn't have any people.
So..6 suggested pet shop's.
Sure! Why not?
So..we made a Christmas village with pet shops. Fish and some small animal on a surfboard are all included.
Every time I walk by, I smile.
We made a memory-with pet shops.
Either way-I am a happy mom!!

Just keeping it real.
What the rest of my house looks like!
Oh well-it's good to have goals...



  1. I seriously love the LPS around your houses. My daughter would love that! How darling! I love your door and how you decked it out! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments! You've got a new follower!


  2. HEHEHEEE! My house looks just as fabulous with all my totes strewn about! I need to just finish already. You always inspire me to get it done!


  3. I LOVE your door. It looks awesome!!


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