Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh I love the rainy nights..

because I get so much done!

FYI that is totally random:
My mom used to teach aerobics to this song.
We would all pile in our old astro van with the pink pinstripe and head up to the gym.
She would pull out the old record player and the small records with the big hole in the center.
This song-I love the rainy nights-pretty sure it was a favorite.
Just in case any of you were dying to know that...
Not really sure why I told you all of that but...
Actually-I think it's extremely important that all of you know that my
mom used to teach aerobics in the 80's and we had a pink pinstripe on our van.
That might explain my need for my children to have big, poofy hair and the little touches of pink in my life.
Again random..

OK-real reason for the post.
I have been crafting!
I especially love to craft when it's raining!!
There is just something about the rain on the roof that gets my craft mojo going.
I know-weird right?

Alright what have I been making?
Well-I made a bat tree.
Some fabulously, spooky luminaries and a few more candy corn topiaries.
I added a couple more projects to my list for the Studio 5 spot today.
If you want to watch the segment from today's show-I will post it later here.
Click HERE

I thought that I would share a couple of tricks to making these hauntingly, fantastic projects.

First..the bat tree.
This project actually turned out better that I hoped it would.
Don't you love it when that happens?

Supplies needed;
A plastic, bright orange, jack o lantern trick or treat bucket.
Spray paint-a not so bright orange color and apple green.
Glitter-sugar is my favorite.
2 sided scrap book paper

Go out and spray your treat bucket with the orange paint.
While you are spraying-grab an extra drop cloth and spray your sticks with Apple Green.

I inked my pumpkin because I wanted it too look a little weathered and old.

I then glittered the sticks.
This was fantastically fun!
Just a warning though-once you start glittering, you will look around for other things to glitter.
Just saying..
I used a crappy brush and I painted a thin layer of mod podge on the sticks.
I then glittered them up.
LOVED them!
Let the sticks dry completely before you mess with them.
If you don't do this-you will have finger prints all over your glittered sticks.

I added some Styrofoam to my bucket and then some Spanish moss.

I found a template online for a bat that I liked.
(google images)
Cut it out and inked the edges.

Add your bats to the branches with some ribbon.
I also reinforced them with a spot of hot glue on the back.
Also-if you want a more spooky look-use your glue gun to make a "web" look.
Just put one dot of glue on the top of a stick and then bring the glue gun down to a lower branch.
Hope that makes sense.

This is perfect for your Halloween Bash, a centerpiece for your kitchen table or sofa table.
Also would be fun to make a miniature version for your kids class Halloween party.
Very simple, yet spectacularly spooky!!

I also made some luminaries.
LOVE these!

Candles from Costco.
The battery kind. They even smell like vanilla.
Best $20 bucks I spent..yesterday.

I made each of them different.
One I used lace that I inked with black.
The other-tulle. It gives it a mummified look.
Old book pages that were inked to look old and worn.
Lime green tissue paper and spider web.

I will give more details and pics on this project tomorrow.

I also made a few more candy corn topiarie's
I used some candy pumpkins on one.
So fun!!
If you want to know how to make these-click HERE
This is a great project to do with your kids.
Plus it's cheap!! 
 A with hat made from an old record.  Click Here
You should all make this.
You can use different sized records and make all sizes of these hats.
Too cute for a Halloween party.

Off to TV.
Hope that these projects will help get you in the mood to
get your SPOOK on!!


  1. Oh, Tausha, cute cute cute!! :) Love the comment about children with big hair. ;)

  2. SO CUTE!!! I love your blog too! Can you tell me how you got the cute font on your titles? THANK YOU! Just email me at:

    I would SO much appreciate it!

  3. SO SPOOKY! I think the pumpkin tree thingy is so darn cute! Im finally getting my stuff out today. Im hoping to use a couple of your cute ideas. Thanks girlie! Have a supertastic day:)

    Jennie @ CInnaberry Suite


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