Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nothing rhymes with PORCH..

I teased you with the pic below last night.

Well today I went shopping.
Never a good thing for me.
Just ask my husband.
While I was shopping, I found some "had to have" items.
Go ahead, roll your eyes.
I'll wait.
I wait on this gesture often at my house.
I know take the eye rolling as a compliment.
Moving on.
I had to have...

Some glow in the dark tights, a SUPER CUTE fall basket. (insert real eye roll) and some purple shoes.
I already had the wreath.  It just needed a little sprucing.

 Oh how I love to spruce!
I took apart the super cute basket and got to gluing.
Originally, I was just going to stick the stuff in and hope for the best.
I changed my mind.
I remembered the wind last week and decided if I wanted to have a cute fall wreath for longer than a day-I should use some glue.
I can just buy another wreath come next season..right?
(I already have 2 Christmas ones hanging on the moose antlers in my garage)
You don't like the idea of using my husband's dead animals to hang home decor on?
Hey-use what you got-I say.
So-the antlers are the best wreath and lampshade holder around.
I ended up with this.

A fabulous new wreath.
All for under $2!
Even my eye rolling husband was impressed.
He even said that he liked it.
While I was outside, I sprayed some paint on a few things.
Because I have a sickness.
My porch turned into this.

 I sprayed some plastic jack-o-lanterns with some metallic paint, heirloom white and a straw yellow.

Went to Lowe's and picked up some mums.
(that were only a $1)
Stuck my mums in my painted pumpkins and voila..
My own version of Martha Stewart's pumpkins.
Mine are better though.
They don't rot and you can save them until next year.
Yes..I am saying that I am WAY more awesome than Martha!!
(and I don't have a staff-that I pay anyway :)
FYI-this is where I would insert a pic of my children if blogger were cooperating.

I primed my plastic pumpkins.
If you are going to do this-make sure you prime.
Also-if at all possible, use RUSTOLEUM 2X coverage paint.
I loved the metallic paint by Krylon, so I picked some up today.
There is such a difference between the two.
The Rustoleum goes on so much more even and you can control the paint spray more.
I still love the Krylon Metallic color.
Just not the running, uneven spraying form it comes in.
I also sprayed some "live" pumpkins.
You know, because heaven forbid I have all the same color of pumpkins.
Gee sh!! ( I didn't prime them)

See my chair?
I made my friend stop with me one day and get it.
Off of the side of the road.
In a field.
Next to a old, shopping cart and some garbage.

Don't you just love friend's like that?
They love other's people old, chippy junk as much as you do.
AND-they are kind enough to let you put it in their car.
They are the bestest friends to have!!

I also picked up a new Welcome mat that I didn't need.
It was on clearance at Wal-Mart.
I HAD to get it!!

OK-what I used to spruce up my porch.

A funky metal container that I bought not knowing what it was, or what I could use it for.
I just knew I had to have it.
Yes-I shop that way..sometimes. 

 I added some bats from my Bat Tree to spook up the scene a bit.
I didn't want to go too spooky because come November, it is way too cold here for me to go out and change up my porch decor. So-the pumpkins had to work for both seasons.
Basically-I'm lazy.
I spooked up this corner as well.

 I know, the bats are made out of paper.
They will get ruined in the weather.
I know-I figure it will add to the spookiness of it all.
Again..too lazy to make them out of anything else.
Don't judge!

I added some more flying ferociousness to my only living planter.
I am really hoping that it will die soon.
I don't even water it.
It just wont die!!
I know, I am terrible. But come October, I am so sick of watering all of my flippin plants-I let them die.
When this planter dies-it will be replaced with something so fabulous, I can hardly stand it!!

Curious?  Stay Tuned!
It will be worth the wait!

I hope that I inspired some porch lovin to happen at your house!

 Maybe someone will be inclined to stop at my house and bring me chocolate and a Diet Coke
just because I have a happy,cute porch.

 My sarcastically, loving husband said:
All is right with the world now..because our porch is decorated.

I still don't understand why he thinks that folding the whites are more important than spray painting pumpkins!

 Stay Tuned to see my wickedly, awesome surprise!!
 See you all soon!!



  1. It looks wonderful! He hasn't learned yet when mommies happy everyone is happy?

  2. So fun! LOVE the little chair :)
    It gives everything so much character... with that pop of blue!

    And scorch rhymes with porch :)
    Hmm... don't know how that would work in a title, but it DOES rhyme. LOL

  3. I thought that as well-exactly the words that went through my head. You know me and stupid, catchy titles! Thanks about the chair. It is all chippy and fabulous in real life.

  4. Your wreath turned out beautifully... and I must say that I simply LOVE your owl. I must really like owls (wonder what that says about me!). Now do you feel like coming over to do mine?

  5. I seen you on good things utah and just had to check out your blog. I absolutely love all your ideas i will for sure have to still some of your cute ideas!!!

  6. Tausha- I love, love, love the wreath!!! Don't know about the spray painted pumpkins though, but everything looks great. You are very talented and have inspired me to do lots of makeovers recently. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm in love with your porch!!! And I might be in love with you as well. You sound a lot like me. lol.

  8. SO FESTIVE! I love all your fabulous pumpkins. The chair was totally worth pulling over for! :)

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  9. Here's what I figure: you do the porch one time (at least for that holiday), but you have to fold the SAME clothes every week...porch would definitely come in first at my house! Basically everything does before laundry :) Looking awesome!! When's our spray painting party? :)

  10. I'm so glad I got to meet you and your cute Mom at RS. You lady's ROCK ! I love your ideas I so love all your styles and ideas you shared with us. Thanks for making a special night with my sister!

  11. Your porch looks fantastic and so festive! The colors are gorgeous! TFS! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  12. You're so creative and festive! I love the spray painted pumpkins with mums in it!

  13. What a welcoming entryway. Love the owl - such a festive touch!!


    PS - Torch rhymes with porch ;)

  14. Loving the entryway...Your red door just pops!

  15. What a nice fall welcome. It looks great!


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