Friday, October 8, 2010

Elegant + Country= A Perfect 10!

We had the opportunity to do a client's home today.
Oh what fun we had!
All except for the fact, that we almost died on the way there.
But..we lived, so all is well.

On to the house.

This house was a fun one to do because she had some many treasures for us to work with.
I love it when I get to shop a client's house.
Because of this-her house was done with a budget of around $300.
(this total did not include the new furniture)

Now, I am not going to lie-when I saw her furniture choice, I was a little skeptical of how the elegant looking couch and chairs were going to look with her extremely country house.

I was so wrong!!
I don't admit that often.
I way under estimated the power of blending Elegant and Country Styles.

They work fabulously together!
Take a look for yourself:

Before-she had a nice size family room. Most of it being open to her kitchen.
She had a fantastic fireplace and gorgeous, wood floors.
Not that you noticed any of those things before.
Too much stuff. Too much little stuff all over the place.

 She upgraded her entertainment center.
A custom built piece that is beautiful!

(I soo covet the Entertainment Center)

I liked her fireplace before.

Now I LOVE it!!
Much better don't you think?

I layered her pieces to give the fireplace more dimension.
Old window, clock, metal heart. We just mixed her stuff in a new way.
Same stuff..totally different look

Her house was unique because of this window feature.
It works like a greenhouse-but with a brick stoop.
Her green plants would make any green thumb jealous!!

We wanted the window area to have more impact on the space.
We grouped her plants together and hung a large, red, barn star.
By grouping her plants-they all looked much larger, and even more fabulous!
We used a tall, iron candlestick to display a bronzed piece of art.
You didn't even notice the piece before.
Now, in it's new home surrounded by green-it's receives much deserved attention.

Let you in on a little secret-the throw on the chair in the after
It's a curtain panel!
Ha-how's that for re-purposing!!
Our client lived in the country.
Really-it was more like out in the sticks.

Her style didn't really fit into any one box.
It wasn't just elegant, Victorian, country, or french.
She was like most people, a mix of them all.
Don't try to put yourself into one specific decorating box.
Take it from a pair of your old, high school jeans..
It doesn't matter how hard you try.

I say you don't have to fit into your old jeans or a decorating box to be happy.

 I say; mix it up!

I know that our client was thrilled that we made her home it's own box.

Think Scarlett O'Hara marrying The Marlboro Man.

Elegantly Country.


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Happy Weekend!!
Off to drink a much deserved Diet Coke and watch a little boob tube.
How I love my DVR!


  1. LOVE the tv cabitnet!!


  2. I am with Kimra, I LOVE the cabinet. But it all looks amazing!! I especially like the added light.

  3. That cabinet is awesome! I love the star that you hung in front of the window!


  4. It looks so much lighter and I don't know how you did it , but I think you added square footage!! LOL I am visiting from Miss Mustard Seed.


  5. love it!! visiting from sassy sites, new follower. great work! come visit us sometime. (: happy friday!

  6. Very nice job! Love it. Thanks for sharing, and sharing your decorating thoughts.

  7. You gals did an outstanding job on this room!


  8. That cabinet! I'm in love! The whole room just fits together perfectly. It makes me want a hot cup of coffee and some conversation!


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