Friday, September 24, 2010

Me & my Little Red Wagon

I was a total crazy person about this project!
I saw it on this blog and I had to make one!
I had too!
We are talking come hell or high water, I was going to make one of these!!

I looked everywhere for an old wagon.
I called people who might have one.
I facebooked-multiple times-begging!
Then, one glorious day while shopping at my favorite thrift store-the heavens opened.
They had a red, rusty, old, radio flyer wagon.
The best part?
It wasn't even on the sales floor yet.

I make friends at the thrift stores.
They got my back.
Espescially this time.
My friend asked if I had found a wagon yet.
I was sad that I had to say no.
She said great, I have one for you.
I almost jumped up and down.
But, I refrained.
Then they pulled it out.
It was perfect!
All rusty, old looking and very well loved!
The best part of this story?
Not kidding!

So we got to work.
I bribed my sweet husband with a Diet Coke and he lovingly took off all of the hardware.

Then I got to work cleaning it up.
I used baking soda and vinegar and a scrubby pad from the $ store.

 It worked fabulously!
I only cleaned the inside because I wanted the old chippy look on the outside.
You know, to give it a little character.

 Once she was done I gave her a good coat of primer and a coat of Colonial red. (Rustoleum)
I only did this because I didn't want the rust to transfer to anything that I put inside the wagon.
This paint is such a close match to the original color-you cant even tell I painted it.

Told you.
My husband added some funky handles from my stash and we were done.

Do you love it?
This would be great espescially if you an old wagon with memories attached!
I love my wagon tray!
It sits proudly in my family room holding Halloween decor, the remote container and I am sure a couple of hair clips and probably a stray sock or two!

I also used one of the wheels to stack some stuff on.
Such a fun element.
This idea would be darling in a little boys room, a game room or your family room.
Any size wagon would work too.
This was just the only size I could find.
I LOVE it this big-but that is a total personal thing.
I talked about this on TV recently. If you want to watch run my mouth about old crap...
Click HERE

Hope I inspired!!
There are supposed to be some awesome yard sales tomorrow!
I must go to bed.
Just so I can be well rested, in case I have to fight for stuff!!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. oh I love radio flyer wagons. I have a little one that houses some of my coke bottles. LOVE how you transformed this one :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. I did NOT see that coming! I totally dig this one.

  3. I LOVE it!!! Girl, I am totally featuring this next Friday!! :)

  4. Your tray is fabulous!!!!!!!!!! ANd I can NOT believe you got that wagon for $4! I know what I'll be watching for now.

    I hope you don't mind. I linked your post to my PORCH AND GARDEN PARTY at

  5. OK, that is cute! I wasn't expecting you to make it into a tray. Very unique.

  6. Just saw you are going to speak at Utah Home Makers in Brigham!! Can't wait!! WOO HOOO!!

  7. I have one of these - a smaller one that sits by my fireplace, empty as of now. I've always loved it, but wasn't sure what to put in it. Another problem is that when I got it, my ds brought it in and thought it would be fun to ride it like a scooter. Boom. One wheel broken. I have been looking for an idea for this, and you just gave it to me. Bless you! I will post this on my blog when I finish, and, of course, give you and your brilliance all the credit :)

  8. This is such a cute idea! I love how it turned out!

  9. Amazing! I really love how it turned out! I love the way you chose to accessorize it too!

  10. Oh my! I LOVE this idea too and I would LOVE it that big too. It shows such a fun sense of humor. Gotta' love a great sense of humor!


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