Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Un-perfectly Pottery Barn

It's so not what your thinking!
Did you really think that I would do a whole post about that?
I would need at least 2 posts..
OK-You so know I am kidding right?

On to the real reason of the post.
Do you love the idea of a catalog worthy, look’s so cozy, must be expensive bed?
You just don’t love the idea of the cost that MUST come with it.
You know the beds I am talking about. The kind we pine over when we look at Pottery Barn?
Well-I say Pottery Bary, Schmottery Barn!
I can make a bed look just as cute, only wayyyy cheaper!
(maybe not perfectly Pottery Barn, but close enough for me)

I have some fun, unexpected tips & tricks that will help you get a picture worthy bed all on the cheap!
Would you expect anything less when it comes to me?
Heck, I went to Ross the other day and they wanted $10 dollars for a pillow.
 I put it down and thought-
"No way-I can get this at the Di for $3!"
Apparently I need to shop at "real" stores a little more.
What do you think?

Just in case you want to watch me talk about all of this on TV-click here.

Tips for a SASSY bed...
 Throw pillows, shams and more throw pillows!

I realize that not all of you are like me.
 Meaning, that you DON’T have a shelf or two in your linen closet that is
dedicated to extra throw pillows and shams.
( I also have chocolate hidden in random places in my house)
Priorities people, it's all about priorities!

Do you own a pillow or two that could be “turned over” for a different look?
You know the kind that I am talking about.
The uber-ugly ones that came with your new couch?
Turn it over and use it on your bed.
They usually come in browns or a black or another neutral color.
Use them people. ♥

Now don’t freak out when I tell you this but, shop the DI, thrift stores and yard sales
for throw pillows and shams.
I only buy extremely good condition used pillows. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across brand new pillows at the DI or yard sales. When it comes to pillow shams-I find brand new King size shams at the DI all the time. All you need to do to make these work is to use 2 reg. pillows and do a little tucking.
I am an expert at this. I wear SPANX (alot)

(found: King Size Sham-Brand New-$1.00!)

So you now you have the throw pillows and some fabulous shams. Now what?

Accessorize your pillows.

Look around the house for pillow accessories.
Yep-I said pillow accessories
We all love to accessorize our outfits, why not our pillows.

Belts, necklaces, scarves, or even scrap piece’s of fabric.
If you still can’t find what you are looking for-make your own.

(Thrifted pillow-$1 and thrifted belt-$1)

(I changed my mind-I liked the belt on the yellow instead of the red)
Either way-still cute and CHEAP!
BTW-I have since changed the pillows on my bed 3 times!
Apparently I am also extrememly in-decisive.

I also wanted to add another element to 6's room with some fabric.
Although her room was SO super cute before.
I especially love the crap hanging all over the bed.
The best thing about it-there is a row of hooks on the other wall.

I know what you are thinking-she's 6-she doesn't make her bed like this.
She actually does a really good job.
So, maybe the trick to getting your kids to making their beds is to making them cute.
You would assume the same line of thinking would work for little people's clothes.
Not at my house.
We prefer the floor to our dressers.

 I wanted to make a sham for 6's bed.
Found this-brand new-$1
Eyelet even.

I saw this fabric and had to have it.
I mean come on-too cute right?
Want it?

Then I cut the flowers out.

Liquid stitched them to some thin batting for some dimension.

a liquid stitch trick:
squirt it on-rub it in then iron it on a low setting.
Sets in seconds.
Fabulous Right?


Create Layers with Texture

When you look at pictures of bedding, they always have lots of layers. Or at least they look like they do.

Use more than just the one comforter on your bed. If you have a 2 sided comforter, even better! By using these, you can add another layer without the bulk.

Look around your house. Do you have a tablecloth that would match your room? How about a table runner? Don’t have anything, head to the thrift store.

Random pic-I know.
I just wanted you to kinda be able to see the texture on this tablecloth.
Just pretend you can tell.
I just wash everything in HOT water if it’s from the thrift store.

The DI/thrift store is a treasure trove of afghan’s and quilts. Plus-they are much cheaper than if you were to try and find the same thing in the bedding section at Macy’s.
Brand new!
Yummy Texture-cheap!

Think outside the Bag- (the bed in the bag)

The bedding that you get in a set is great, it’s just a little too matchy, matchy for me.

Mix up the set with some things that you already own. When you make up your bed, think about adding different patterns, textures and colors.

When I buy a new quilt or comforter for my bed, I make sure that it is a neutral color. I do this because it is much cheaper to add the trendy colors or patterns with pillows or throws.

( one of the 6 comforters/quilts that I own)
I know-I have a sickness.
What can I say?
This girl loves her some bedding!!

If you need a new bed skirt or you are just tired of the same one that you have.
Mix it up a bit by using the unexpected.

Tablecloths, curtains, shower curtains or even burlap make great bed skirts.
Here are a couple great links if you want to try your hand at your own.
Best Part-No sew!
I got your back!

I have a love affair with Better Homes & Gardens.
Who doesn't?
Out of Towels!

Did you know that wal mart has fabulous 400 thread count/Egyptian cotton sheets that are yummy!
The $40 price tag for a queen set is not too shabby either.

Hope I inspired you.
Go and make your bed look as fabulous as you are!

Ask away.
I will try to help!
See you at the thrift store!
(don't buy anything that I would want ☻)

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  1. Love all the photos and tips. texture, color and a closet full of pillows - yum! haha!

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. I love all the tips you have, I am still stuck. and I wold love your help. I have been looking or the pirfict beding and have not found it. Maybe its the money thing holy crap they are not cheep. Any way your ideas are super great. I love it. You are amaziing and I love it. Jen

  3. To have a comfy sleep during the night, look for affordable bamboo cotton duvet set in the market today. It’s proven superb and durable types of bedding in the globe. Why not invest for it? Great savings you will get from purchasing it.

  4. Hey come to our Tag sale in Brigham!! We have some super FAB junk!!! Really Come!!


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