Friday, September 17, 2010

I've got a spell on you... too have the urge to make some spooky, funky and little bit quirky book of spells too.
No one else does that?
Hmm-could explain a lot.

I love Halloween.
I love it purely for the fact that I can decorate with gross things and it's ok.
Not that I want to decorate with gross things all the time..
There is something about being able to add a head, a rat or finger to one of my creations, 
that just really floats my boat this time of year.

Ok-on to the Books.
Books are my most favorite thing to use when I decorate.
Old books, funky books, kids books.
As long as they have a hard cover on them and some words in them,
I am good to go.

I make regular, go with everyday decor books.
(with a little Sass of course)

Not going to lie though.
These spooky one's are my favorite to create.

I mean come on...
Who wouldn't want to make these?
Best part-cheap and easy!

Find some books.
Use some you already have, head to the thrift store or borrow some from your Grandma.

These particular books are covered with paper.
I LOVE paper!
I am actually a bit of a paper freak!
I don't love paper when I make over books.
Purely because I am lazy.
Yep-I admit it.
I would rather use something else that makes my life easier.
I love it almost as much as paper.
I don't sew-can't even turn on a machine-but the fabric...

These are covered with paper and then mod podged for durability.
You could make some and use fabric and your hot glue gun-totally up to you.

I then inked the edges all spooky like and added some labels that I made in word.
I inked those as well.

Now-comes the fun part.
Adding all of the embelishments!!
Ribbons, yarn, spider web, feathers.
Go crazy!!

I finished mine off with a glittered $ store skull.
Added some funky, squishy eyes that I found at wal-mart and used some white ink on his teeth.
I added a tag that I purchased from ETSY. (the file)
You can find tonz of fun stuff on there for Halloween labels.
Don't say I didn't warn you!!

Finished my book of Devilish deeds with some glitter spray.
Nothing is complete without a little glitter.

easy, fun and very satisfying...

Do this-
you can thank me later!

Off to make more crap that I don't need.
If you need it at your house, let me know.
I am always here to help someone with their "CRAPPY" I mean crafty needs.
(I know, bad joke)

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  1. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!
    I'm visiting from Tatertots :]

  2. So Cute! They look so great! Perfect for Halloween decor. Thanks for sharing your creative project. I will be linking to them.


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