Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bow chicka wow wow....

You read it right.
Bow chicka wow wow!
Me and my glue gun were getting busy tonight!

I crack myself up!!

Anyway-we have been strangers lately.
Just passing each other, never really stopping and relying on the other's skills.
(Yes, I know I am refering to my glue gun in 3rd person and implying that it even is a person)
Until today.

We were reunited.
Over this..

and this..

Are you dying to see what we made together yet?
It was magical people, just magical.
 Until Tomorrow....


1 comment :

  1. You booger...I was all excited to see what you made! HaHa...Suzie is going to all of the DI's in the world today to try and find stuff to "make everything Tausha made on Studio 5 last time." You have the POWER!!


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