Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's the MOST WoNdErFuL time of the Year!!

It's the first day of school!
Maybe Mom's are not supposed to be this excited for the first day.
Oh well-I NEVER do anything that I am SUPPOSED to do!

I always said that I would NOT be a mom who cried when their baby went to school all day.
I mean-come on, why should I be said?
A whole day to get all kinds of stuff done.
The possibilities are endless.
Not going to lie-I am a little said.
This is 6.
She is going to 1st grade.
All day!

I can't believe I have a 5th grader either.
I REMEMBER 5th grade!
I am not that old am I?

(Warning: I am going to sound a little cheesy.)
My oldest is getting so big!
She is  becoming a beautiful, (not a little girl) girl.
I am so not OK with this.
Driving is in the next 6 years!
Holy Crap!!

This is 8.
She is in 3rd grade.
Look at her.
All calm and cute in a vest that I wish I could find in my size!
She went through a few outfit's before she found the perfect one!
My husband just rolls his eyes.
He doesn't understand why picking out your outfit for the first day of school has to be a big production!
Silly Boys!
OK-now I am getting a teary eyed!

Here they are with Katie.
We have every 1st day of school pic with Katie.
Her family lives down the street from us.
They are such great friends!
First day of school would not be the same without them!

I had to show this next pic.
I wanted to do something fun for my girlie's before school started.
Something that we could do year after year.

Chickadee Spa
(This is what I call my girls all the time)
I set up a mini spa outside.
Mani/Pedi station
Complete with Cucumbers for their eyes and lemon water.
They LOVED it!
I told them that the spa was only open the week before school starts.
They giggled at this as well.
When we were done-we ended with a fashion show.
We invited Grandma and Grandpa down to watch as well.
They modeled their new school clothes to music.
It was great fun.
I am hoping that some good memories were made!

Off to bake the Pencil cake!
Then I am headed to the thrift store!!
Did you really think that I would NOT go to the DI on the first day of school?
Can't wait to share my treasures!!



  1. Oh no Honey! While some parents are tearful in the parking lot I'm doing the Happy Dance with other Mom's! I've got a few more days (Sept 1st) before I get on my dancin' shoes ~ Whoo HOOOO!

  2. Your girls are all so beautiful. I love first day of school pics. The outfits are all so cute. My kids go back on the 7th. :)

  3. The kids here start on Sept. 1st too. I'll be one of those mom's secretly doing the happy dance as well ; ) I always here about the mom's who hate for summer to end and miss having them home all day. They make me feel a bit guilty... until I spend a rainy day with all three kiddos in the house arguing. ugh! So let the school days begin!! I'm ready for it!!

  4. Your daughters are beautiful! My girls ( 9 & 7, the 4 yr old doesn't go yet. I wish....) go back on the 7th, and I will secretly be pinching myself so tears appear because I will be so excited about school. Does that make me look bad??!!


    P.S. We also do the spa night, it's the night before school starts. The girls LOVE it!

  5. Today was my last grocery shopping trip until the kids go to school and I am so glad that I can start doing them alone. I will be doing the Dance of Joy the first time I can go by myself in 8 years!!!!!

  6. Tausha, I am sure your girls will have those memories for along are a great mom and I enjoyed your posting. Enjoy your time with girls in school. What treasures did you find today... Can't wait to hear about it.


  7. i love it. i'm so proud to be their aunt...they're so blasted cute! can i invite myself to the fashion show next year? maybe hit up 'the spa' with them as well. man these posts make me feel like i haven't seen you guys forever!

  8. Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog about me having a "glow!" That made me feel so great. And's so hard to believe that you have girls that are the same age we used to be when we did our crazy stuff! I think we had the greatest friends and an awesome childhood. I am so thankful for that! Your girls are darling and I love the Chickadee Spa!


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