Monday, August 16, 2010

If walls could talk..

They would tell you that they love to have a little tweaking now and then.

First-I must apologize for my idiotness.
I thought I hit publish on the my scheduled posts-apparently-I didn't.
I had all kinds of posts for y'all to read while I was soaking up the Lake Powell sun.
Guess I shouldn't post late at night.
Live and learn.
Hope that you will all forgive me.

Back to the whole talking walls thing.
I am not talking paint, or major overhaul here.
Just a little accessory changing.
You know-rob peter to pay Paul.

You don't know what that means?
Let me share.

First, you may or may not have a sickness when it comes to moving things around.
This step is not required, just preferred. :)

2nd- You decide that you need to borrow from one room to fix another.
Hence the whole "rob peter to pay Paul" thing.
It is totally up to you if you borrow from your bedroom wall and now it looks totally lame and sparse.
Just look at this as another decorating opportunity! :)

I know-I am so optimistic right?

third- Be open to try something totally different.
You never know, you might totally love it!!
If you don't-no harm done. Just put it back where you got it.
The whole "robbing" thing just might get your decorating wheels turning.

4th- This step IS required.
You must do this!
 Tell me how awesome, smart and beautiful I am! :)


I had it this way for a while.
I got sick of it.
This whole sick of decor thing, is nothing new with me.
I am kind of a freak about it.

I love it though.
It allows me to make my old stuff look new.
Much cheaper than buying new stuff, plus I can use the money I saved and buy new clothes.
Then I look as good as my newly, decorated wall.

After: looks so much better!
I didn't buy one thing!
I did try something new though.

I am not a big plate on the wall decorator.
I am not sure why though.
I am loving the way this looks.
My picture:
I just used another frame to make it look bigger, more substantial.
Is that even a word? Substantial?

Anyway, I hung the larger frame on the wall first.
Then I hammered a nail into the larger frame and hung the temple picture.
I love that it is more of a focal point.
Simple-no money!!

OK-maybe some of you are curious about my fabulously, cool old door.
First-it was FREE!!
Yep-somebody didn't want this anymore.
Gotta love it when this happens.

It is an old door from a hotel.
Original handle, original iron work and an
original plaque from the hotel that it once stood in.
Cool huh?

Alright-enough of me.
Hope that this inspired someone!
Let me know if it did.

P.s.-if you have asked me a question and I haven't answered yet.
I am not ignoring you, just trying to get everything done
that you have to do when you get home from a 7 day vacation!.
Sorry! This week-I promise!

PPs-Pottery Barn Knock off Shelves tutorial: Tomorrow!
Stay Tuned.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Of course, you are awesome, smart and beautiful! That practically goes w/o saying! Glad you enjoyed your vacation. I love, love, love your no-purchases transformation! And, now that the kids are going back to school, I'm going to try some of that myself! And I adore the door, too. Glad you're back and TFS!

  2. You are so consistently clever and creative, and this is no exception. Smart and chic and it looks like you have the door I didn't know I wanted, until now. Don't you love it when you can make things look new without spending money?

  3. HI, MY NAME IS JENNIE AND I SUFFER FROM MOVING EVERYTHING AROUND TEN THOUSAND TIMES SYNDROME! I love that I'm not suffering from this all alone! My beautiful and totally fabulous Miss Tausha is just as crazy! LOVE IT! I like how the plates turned out too. Oh, and I am so comming and stealing that door=) Glad you're back! Missed you!

    Jennie @ CInnaberry Suite

  4. I just did a post about the same thing. You know a little tweeking. I love to change things up. It makes everything new again. You must have the same sickness. It's okay, we will all stick together. Absolutely love that door!


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