Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Room Fantasticness!

If you don't know this about me-I love to make up fabulous titles.
I prefer to use as many adjectives as possible.
I even make some up.
Yes-I made up the word fantasticness.
 I know it's not REALLY a word, but it's my blog, so my rules right?

OK-on to the reason of the post.
When we redid the kitchen-I looked down the stairs and said;
"well, now we HAVE to do the family room!"
My loving husband shook his head and said;
"No, not right now!"
So, I walked down the stairs the next day and sat on the couch and let out a big sigh.
My husband works in the basement-in his awesome office.
(see the computer on the table?)
I then proceeded to say that I HATED this room!
He just rolled his eyes.
That Saturday, my fabulous, sweet, handsome, hard working, fantastic husband
(told you I like adjectives)
painted our family room.
By himself no less!
He couldn't move for a couple days, since it took him 7 hours to paint the room.
(Who knew it was so big? Who knew that even using paint with primer in it
would still require 2 1/2 coats of flippin paint!! )

When all was said and done-we looked around and
wondered why in the heck we waited 4 years to paint this flippin room?

Don't be like us!
Paint it people!

The color is not a bad color-just bad in the space.
Really awful actually.
The sliding glass door is our only natural light.
Red walls+no sunlight=bad combination!

I know, stop talking and show the pics!
We toyed with a mustard color on one wall-this idea lasted about a minute!
 (my big clock-$3 at the thrift store!!)

Doesn't it feel like you can breathe in here now?

We painted the walls Tavern Taupe-the same color that we painted the walls in the kitchen.
I LOVE this color! It is such a fabulous neutral. It goes well with everything!
So, if you need a good neutral-Tavern Taupe by Kwall Howell paint. (google it)

This room is huge! We always knew it was big, just didn't realize it was this huge!
Because of the size of the space-we needed a large piece of artwork.
Well-after all of my redo projects lately-I was out of MONEY!
I knew what I wanted-so I described it to my husband, and he did such a great job!
Best part $3 to make both shelves.
I showed him these picture shelves from Pottery Barn.

I was not about to pay that price.
$55 a shelf! Are you kidding me?

more details on the shelves to come.
Stay tuned!

A close up..

Fabulous! So much better!
I love cheap fixes!

Now-I must confess something.
Because I hated this room-it kind of was neglected.
I didn't really do anything to it.
It got cleaned and made somewhat presentable-that's about it.

Since I was running out of spaces to put all of my spray painted crap-
I had to do the family room! :)

I did get new couches a couple of months ago.
The red chair-$80 bucks from KSL. (a local Craig's list)
I found the rug at Target!
Love it!
So not my "usual" style-but it fits perfectly in here.
Plus-it's the most soft, cushy, luxurious under $150 bucks rug I have ever used!
Dang, I love that Target!

So as I said earlier, my husband works from home.
This is great for our family, but the space that was his "office" was so NOT working.

I just moved some things around. We have this weird little alcove that we never really knew what to do with.
It's an odd size and in a weird spot.
Perfect spot for his office.
I redid some old bi-fold closet doors that a friend was throwing away.
I sprayed them with red and then black. Added a bit of distressing and some piano hinges and
Voila! Instant privacy!

He never complained about his "office" before the redo-
but he really likes it now!
Added a lamp, some fishing pictures and he was good to go!
Love a quick fix!

So-there you have it.
My new Family Room!

I had most of the things in the space.
I did purchase the rug, 3 gallons of paint and 3 new pillows.

Cost Breakdown:
$90 for the paint (I used behr paint & primer-just because I need to cover the red)
$75 for the rug (I had $75 gift card+it was on sale)

Total Cost: $168
Days until finished-2

We also redid our entryway.
I know that we already did a redo on this only a few months ago- didn't match.
Since the paint was out-we just painted this space as well!

It wasn't bad-just didn't flow.
I am kind of freak about "flow"
When I talk about it to my husband, his eyes glaze over.
Apparently, he does NOT think flow is as important as I do.

Much better FLOW don't you think?

Alright-stay tuned for the details on the space.
I spray painted some pieces, details on the shelves and couple of other things.
I know what you are thinking-you take FOREVER to post stuff.
It's true.
But-I am heading out of town for a bit-so I have them all scheduled!
Fabulous right?

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  1. OMG I love this!!! And so cheap!! It looks amazing, and I do love that clock :) Well done you :)

  2. Wow Tausha -

    It looks FANTASTIC! What a difference. The space looks so much brighter and bigger now. I love that desk area behind the screen. Wonderful!!


  3. I've missed you this week! You are my new found fav blog...I'm not a stalker. Glad to wake up this morning & read your post while sippin' my coffee. I'm still amazed at what paint can do! Transforms an entire space. Great job...looks fantastic!

  4. I ADORE IT! It's totally "FANTASTICNESS"! Before all you could see was red. Now, I love how you have added a lot more color to the space. It all pops against the new walls. SO FUN! Can't wait to see how you did all your little extras. Have a great weekend!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  5. freakin' fabulous! I LOVE the lighter color, and the SHELVES! So cute. I also LOVE that "H" over that table. :)
    So pretty!
    The room REALLY does' look TWICE as big! You go girl :)

  6. Sassy girl, you are fantastic! Love the re-do. Love your blog. . . love everything you do. Watch you on KSL follow your blog daily. . . I am NOT a stalker! I just like following you. You do great work. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. This is just fabulous!! Great job! Thank you so much for linking it up to my party!! Have a terrific weekend!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  8. Oh looks a hundred times better. I don't like dark rooms either. This looks fabulous. GREAT JOB.

  9. The lighter color makes your room look so much larger. The shelves definitely make an impact!

  10. Everything looks great! You remind me of my mom - she is always talking about the flow of things and repaints everything and spraypaints anything . If she ever blogged this is exactly the type of thing she would be blogging about. Did we get switched at birth? I am perfectly happy keeping things the same for a while but stuff in her house is constantly rotating. Are you her long lost daughter :) I've enjoyed looking at your blog and everything looks great!

  11. Great room re-do. This looks wonderful!

  12. You have made me fall in love with paint - again.

  13. are so talented! *love the office nook. so creative & cute!


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