Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't worry be Happy! I was sitting in my front room this morning wiping the sweat off my face
(stupid shred and stupid Jillian) How's that for a mental picture?

I thought about the things that make me happy.
As much as I hate Exercise and sweating and Jillian Michael's-
when I am done-
I am happy.

Pictures like this make me happy.
I mean come on-who couldn't smile at this picture.
My sweet 8 and my cutest nephew.
This picture makes my heart smile.

I LOVE Diet Coke.
Way more than I should.
I know this.

There is something about a nice, cold Diet Coke that just makes
my day better.
A happy Day and a Diet coke makes for one happy Momma!

I love looking at this guy.
Don't get me wrong, I love my husband!

To death.
I just love looking.
Riggins makes me happy.
Side note-The other day we were talking about a movie where a guy had died.
His name was Tim.
8 got this look of concern on her face-
"Tim Riggins Died?"
We all giggled at that.
See-even my 8 year old can appreciate beauty!
Riggins makes me happy!

Thrifting makes me happy.
If you have ever read this blog at all-this will not surprise you.

There is just something about others people's discarded crap
that makes me happy!
I get downright thrilled when I can make something fabulous out of it!

I LOVE when my house is clean.
It makes me VERY happy.
This invention makes for a very clean home &

a very happy me!
Shark Steamer inventor-you ROCK!

I have an addiction to spraying paint on things.


Ever since I discovered these babies and the fact that they are a whole 4 points for the entire thing!

I am oh so happy that they exist!

These people in this picture?

They make me better.
They make me want to try harder, love more and laugh hysterically at myself.
Without them-I wouldn't have the strength to be a better mom, wife, sister and daughter.

See this chick?

She is awesome!
She makes me happy.
She helps me have FABULOUS, ROCKIN hair.
This makes me very happy!

 I am Happy to be her BIG sister.
Happy to be able to love her beautiful children.
Happy to watch her become an incredible woman.
Happy to have her strength, love, and acceptance of all, in my life.
Happy to know that we are sisters forever!
 Happy to know that no matter what-
We have each other.
( I am also happy that she has this great guy)
His example of how to treat all people..
Makes me happy too.

These people and their giggles, smiles and singing talent

Make me happy.
Very, very happy.

As they are singing in this picture
"Don't be worry, be Happy!"
I think;
It doesn't matter that my home doesn't look like the
Pottery Barn Catalog
or the size of my pants in just a bit bigger than I would like
that I  have toothpaste smeared all over the bathroom sink.
I am happy.
(OK-I am not really THAT happy about the last one)

Now-in my opinion...
Be Happy!
Be Happy because you deserve to be happy.
You deserve to know that you ROCK!
No matter what other people say.
Other people are Stupid!
You my friend-are awesome!

If you are in need of a little happy lift-
just jump out from behind the curtains and belt out
"Don't worry be happy."
You can add actions if you want a really big boost.
Guarantee-you will be happier when you are done.
Also-if you happen to do this while someone else can see you-
Pretty sure that you will make them happy too!

So...for the rest of the day
Dont' worry..Be HAPPY!

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  1. This post makes me want to shout WOOOO HOOOO!!!! Because it's so true! Thanks for this today. You have an adorable family, kids, mom, sister and all. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post!! You make me happy! thanks for being so awesome!!

  3. I clicked on your post because I saw the Shred and Jillian and sweat. I feel the same way when I get done. I kept reading and I could almost copy and paste your whole post. Except I need to add my own fam and friends. But yours are definitely cute as can be. I love happy posts. Thanks so much.

  4. Oh but it would be Pepsi not Coke. Sorry!!!!!!

  5. i love these posts you and shawni have done...they make me very happy. mmm tim are easy on the eyes. i love the '8' was worried about him..she cracks me up. love the pic of her and coop...they look so small and that was only last year. And i've never tried those kind of 3 muskateers...i am thinking they need to be in my near future. love ya

  6. What a happy post! I feel out of the loop because I have no idea who TIm Riggins is, but he looks good none the less. And shut the hell up that you bought that blue desk at the DI! The one in Sugarhouse that I go when I'm there has nothing!

  7. Makes me happy reading your blog! You crack me up. Thanks for todays message.

  8. I agree life is to short. Be happy and giggle everyday!

  9. This post makes me happy! LOve ya. PS I think I need to try one the 3 muskateers.

  10. That is a great post Tasuha. I loved reading it!! Have a happy day :)


  11. YOU, make ME happy! Whenever there's a new post I run over to check out your fabulousness! You always make me laugh and smile! Thanks for being who you are. I'm happy to know you:)

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite


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