Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bead Board Wallpaper-A SASSY Tutorial

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Are you all as excited as I was to know about this stuff?
Maybe I am just weird and I am the only one who gets a little rush thinking about paint able wallpaper!

First-I am not talking about ugly-1987 wallpaper.
I am talking about fabulous, can't even tell it's wallpaper-wallpaper.

I recently redid my kitchen.

Seriously-what the heck was I thinking waiting 4 years to do this!
Obviously, I was NOT thinking!!

If you want to read about it-click here
I also re-painted my cabinets-curious?
Click here
Just in case you are not already thinking that I am a total nut job..
I also spray painted my fridge!
Not Kidding!
Click here for details!

In my kitchen redo-I had a budget of a whopping...
A ton of money right?
I had one item that saved my whole budget!

Let me introduce you to paint able-bead board wallpaper!
Seriously-It is even more awesome that it sounds!!

this is the link for it on Lowes site.
(call your store and check to see if it's in stock)
The best part is the price for this stuff!
$13.97 for a roll that will cover 56 sq. ft!!
One roll did my entire kitchen!

Thought that I would share how I did it.
Give some tips on what to do and what not do.

I am not a pro. wallpaper-er.
My mom was there to help me.
 She wallpapered our whole house in the 80's-so I considered her a pro.

If you have never wall papered in your whole life-
don't be discouraged.
It really was not that hard.

I put some wallpaper in some of my cupboard inserts.

All we did was cut the paper to fit into the inserts.

We used one of these.
A breakaway knife-under $2.00
I highly recommend one of these instead of scissors.
It was extremely easy to cut and trim with.
Plus-it helped that it was small when I was laying on my back on the counters with my head shoved in the corner trying to get the dang back splash done!!

Once you get the piece cut to the size that you need
(this doesn't have to be perfect-you can trim once it is in place.
Just try to get as close to the size you need as possible.)

We stuck it in a Home Depot bucket filled with water.
Now-they have wallpaper trays-I didn't use one of these.
Mainly because I wasn't about to go to Lowes again!!
The bucket worked great for the smaller areas. I used my sink on the larger areas.

Then we stuck it on to the cupboard.
I used one of these to smooth everything out.
HIGHLY recommend that you pick up one of these.
Under $3!

Now this wallpaper is pre-pasted.
and there is a LOT of paste on this.
You want to put a good amount of pressure on the paper once it's in place.
Just to get all of the excess glue.

That is when one of these come in very handy.

I just wiped off the excess glue and then wrung the sponge out in a bucket of water.
Worked great!
Don't have a sponge-a rag works too-just not as effectively.

Once you have it all done and you notice a corner is coming up or something along those lines-
Put a dab of this stuff on it.

Seam repair.
Works great. Under $2.
You don't need a ton of this. Just a small dab will work just fine.
(not that I would know this from experience or anything)

Now you are ready to paint the paper or use a glaze.
The paper comes in white.
I didn't like it left alone.
I wanted it to have more dimension and texture.

On my back splash-I added paint.
I painted the entire thing with the green that is in the rest of my house.

I bought a green color to use but I HATED it!
It was a little too tarzany for my taste.

I then tried a mustard color.
Holy Crap-that was even worse!

By this time I am just exhausted and I just want the DANG thing done!
So-I went out to the paint closet in the garage.

(yes-I have a paint closet-really it's an old 1970's retro liquor cabinet with wheels)
And-it is as awesome looking as you are picturing in your head right now.
Two words-tangerine and light turquoise mixed with old brass handles and trim.

I found an old quart of some green color.
Brought it in and loved it.
I didn't realize that it was the same color as all the other green in the house until morning.
I was a little tired!

After it was painted and dry-I wiped on some glaze.
Loved the results!

OK-the glaze is kind of a special treatment that I made up.
At least I think I made it up.
No-I am sure I am not this cool-someone else does this. 
Probably this is the way that you are supposed to do it-I just had never used oil based glaze.

A couple of things about the glaze:
use Oil Based-it is so much easier to work with than water based.
You have much more time to achieve the look you are going for.
It doesn't try in 5 seconds like water based-plus-it adds a protection layer to whatever you are painting.
Water based does NOT do this.

You have to buy oil based glaze at specialty paint store.
If you are a local gal and are wondering where to go:
Weber Paint and Glass-in the old Mervyn's parking lot in Ogden.
Pick a good, deep, rich, chocolate color.
I got a quart and will now have enough glaze to do whatever I want for the rest of my life!

While you are at the paint store-get some paint thinner.
Preferable the odorless kind.
You will need this to thin down the glaze.

how to work with this glaze.
I poured some glaze in a paper cup and then added paint thinner until it was pretty thin- about the consistency of milk. I just played with it until I got the amount of color that I wanted.
You will probably have to mess with this by painting and wiping off the glaze on something. I just used a cupboard door-but use whatever. Just make sure that it is painted the color that you are glazing over.
If you are even glazing over anything.

Wipe it on with a brush-then wipe it off with an old t-shirt.
You WILL want to use a rag that is a 100% cotton.
Not sure why-just works better.
Now-play around a little bit here.
Maybe leave the glaze on for a minute then wipe it off.
It just depends on the look that you want.
Don't be afraid to wipe on, wipe off, wipe on, wipe off and then wipe off with straight paint thinner.
I did ALL of these things.
Unfortunately this process involves a bit of trial and error.
But that's the fun of it-right?

Once you have what you want-just get to it.
I glazed over the painted bead board on my backsplash- to get the dimension that I wanted.
On the cupboards and around the bar-I just wiped the glaze directly on to the paper.
Totally up to you.

(Oh ugly-honey-barfy, colored cabinets! I am so glad that you are no longer living in my kitchen!)

So much better!!

We just finished the wall paper off with some cheap trim pieces that we picked up.
We painted the trim the same color as the cabinets-no glaze.
You will probably need a miter saw to get this part done.
Just because you will have to do some corners.
It took my husband 10 mins. to get all of the pieces cut and he
 had just learned how to do crown molding that day.
So..not that hard.
(easy for me to say-I wasn't the one cutting)

Some of you may be curious about how we did the back splash.
It was linoleum-white-the same color as my counters.
Turns out the back splash and the counters are all one piece.
Who Knew?
We learned this the hard way.
We thought that we were going to have to use tile or granite to cover up.
My husband and dad are both geniuses!

 They just joint compounded over the existing back splash to get it as smooth as possible.
It was not perfect!
It didn't matter though-because the wallpaper is textured-you couldn't tell.

We mudded the wall the night before and then sanded the morning of.
We then put a thin coat of primer over where we added the joint compound.
Just to be safe.

It looks fantastic!
You would never be able to tell that there is linoleum under the bead board!

Now-I know that there are some of you out there who say:
"There is no way that this looks like the real stuff."

Well-let me just say, EVERY person that has come to my house-
can not tell that it is wallpaper!
They even touch it and still ask.
It really looks that good!

This stuff is the as my 6 year old says!
It saved us a ton of money!
It turned out even better than we hoped.

If you have any questions that were not answered in this post-feel free to shoot me an email.
Happy to help when I can!

Now that I have this paper-my head is just spinning with all of possibilities that I can make with it!

Next up:
Kids Bathroom!
I found the most fabulous blue gray color:
Sea Haze by Benjamin Moore-2137-50
I LOVE it and I have nothing in my home that is blue!
I am dying to paint!
Then use the wallpaper in there.
I also found some old doorknobs for 25 cents each!
My head is just spinning with the possibilities.

We LOVE it!
I really need to stop with the makeovers.

Nah-I always need an excuse to hit the thrift!!

We have an office space, that doens not even look like an office space!

Happy Week



  1. Did I post the comment I just wrote????
    Oh my GOSH... I am LOSING IT!
    Okay... well, I need to just go to bed. LOL.
    I'm posting about your kitchen right now.
    Love your tutorial on the beadboard wallpaper :)
    You've done SUCH a fab job with your kitchen, I'm so proud of you, girl :)

  2. Love your kitchen! Mine has even darker cabinets than yours and I have always loved them, but I think white is in my future. Our Lowe's doesn't carry wallpaper anymore, can you order it online I wonder??

  3. What a beautiful transformation. I am loving the beadboard!!

  4. it looks great to say the least! i never knew they sold beadbord wallpaper! love love love your new kitchen!!

  5. You did an AWESOME job here...wonderful. I love your pretty new kitchen.

  6. Your kitchen looks great and for so little money. The green backsplash with the red accents really sets the whole thing off. I love it!

    :) Michelle

  7. Love it! That stuff definitely has a future in my kitchen. :) Visiting from Metamorphosis Monday.

  8. Ha! I posted a beadboard wallpaper post here today too! I did my dining room wainscote. It was super easy and I love the results. I too am thinking of doing the backsplash. YOur cabs came out fab. I have to paint mine someday, but not ready to do it yet! But I can see doing the backsplash for sure. You paid $14 for a roll!! I paid $30!!! Argh....well now i know where to get it cheaper at least. Following you now too!

  9. Well I tried to follow you but it wouldn't let anyone else having that problem? I will try back later.

  10. Awesome job! Thanks for participating in "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" and letting us into your lovely home...


  11. Oh yes! I do love the beadboard wallpaper as well! Here's what I did with mine
    My lowes did not carry it so I got it from here
    A little more expensive though.

  12. Okay, you've convinced me, wallpaper it is!

  13. WOW that stuff is awesome! Your kitchen looks amazing!!

  14. Incredible! You have inspired me -- it is time to tackle the kitchen.

  15. What color did you use for your bar stools? also, was it spray paint or just regular paint? I LOVE them!

  16. Did you put a special sealer or anything on the backsplash? I"m wanting to do it but am nervous about it coming up. thanks

  17. To create a French country feel, I painted my cupboards after sanding/priming, then applied multiple coats of glaze to get a strie finish. It was a week long project, since there was so much dry time involved after each coat. I finished it off with 3 coats of urethane to protect it. Looks great even after 9 years( it was supposed to be a temporary fix- ha ha). Your backsplash looks great w/the addition of the beadboard and what a change paint made to the cabinetry! We both saved big bucks!!
    Visiting from Cielo's party.
    :-) Sue

  18. I had heard of the wallpaper before, but you using it on the cabinets was genius! Terrific outcome!
    Very lovely kitchen!

  19. Looks fantastic, I totally forgot they make beadboard wallpaper-- I know just what I'm going to be doing when my husbee goes on his business trip. You can see where I'm putting it in my laundry room post on my House of Chic and Penoche blog. thanks for the great tutorial, I'll be sure to link to yours after I finish it:-)

  20. Great job! I just used some of this wallpaper in my niece's rehab house and it turned out awesome. I am planning to use in my kitchen this fall. I did find that there are cheap versions of this paper that to me don't look as good so everyone should be aware of that. Love it!

  21. Tausha,
    I have a question my back splash has formica that is about 24 inches all the way up on the wall. Do you think I can just wallpaper over that and it would stick? Or do I need to do anything to the formica first?
    I love your blog and love to watch you on Studio 5. YOU ROCK GIRL !!!

  22. Wow! You just have wonderful Ideas!
    Thank you for sharing!

  23. Oh, I love it!!! So pretty, I think I have to attempt this, and to think I was just at wallpaper warehouse yesterday looking at this, thinking I wonder how it would turn out.
    So, my only question (although I am interested in what you think about the formica question) is how is it holding up in your kitchen? I mean, doesn't it get a lot of abuse from the kids and what not, like kicking the beadboard while sitting on the stools?? Oh, and did you seal it with anything? Sorry, that's two questions!

    Thanks and I LOVE it!!!

  24. I just got my wallpaper and am going to do the space between the cupboard and counter top. I hope it will go over the laminate that is there. Hope mine has lots of glue, too. I ordered it online from Home Depot. Thanks for all the tips~just what I need! ♥♫

    Just saw someone above with the same thing. Great minds must have build our houses!

  25. Your kitchen looks really good Tausha! I will have to come and see it. Great Job!!!

  26. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found your blog and I'm IN FREAKING LOVE!

    I'm having a heart attack right now as I type because of the bead board wallpaper? Where have you been all my life?! I know what I'm doing tomorrow!

  27. I just love this project ~ you did such a great job! I've seen you on KSL and have been following your blog for a few weeks now... I just love your bubbly personality too! Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

  28. Thank you for linking up this great post last week! {Im a lil behind, eeekk!}

    Its party time AGAIN!!! xoxokara


  29. Beautiful job! Now I want some beadboard wallpaper.

  30. LOVE THIS! I can't wait to go get some bead board wall paper! I have been dying to do bead board and now it will fit in the budget! :) Thank you! Your kitchen looks AMAZING by the way!

  31. That is creepy... I have the SAME exact kind of stools, in my kitchen, except I have 4 and they're not red, they're wood, like they're not painted, you know? Anyways That was just creepy finding them on google... lol

  32. Do you think it would be overdoing it to put the bead board paper in all the cabinet inserts? All of mine are square like yours and I'm thinking about doing that, and then painting them all either white or a country cream color. I absolutely love that I found this website!

  33. I don't know how I did not know this stuff existed but I am sure glad I found out. I have an itch to decorate my dining room in a danish sort of modern decor and this wall paper was just the budget saver I needed. I am going to do this pronto! Maybe I will find you again and share my results :)


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