Thursday, August 19, 2010


Maybe I am the only one who likes to decorate for holidays or seasons.
I am kind of a freak about it actually.
I HAVE to do it.
What is wrong with me?
I blame my mother.

So, before we left for Lake Powell-I decided that I was going to decorate for back to school.
I know, this is not technically a holiday, or a season, BUT what mom doesn't love this time of year?
When it was all said and done, I really loved how it turned out.
Plus-the kids are REALLY excited for school now.
Now, if only I could make time go faster.....

I don't have a fireplace.
I so wish that I did.
Not for the warmth, or the glow that it reflects.
Merely for decorating purposes.
Preferable one with a nice, deep mantle.
You know, so I can put more crap on it.
Totally off track here....

Moving on to the reason why I am posting.
I decorate my sofa table and the top of the piano.
Here is what I came up with.

I found some old flashcards from the DI.
A couple of cool, old rulers. One measures by a bushel and peck.
Also a hogshead and a cauldron.
It is the most entertaining ruler ever!

My cute ABC picture once was a bag from the $ store.

Old scissors, crayons, markers and my old high school tassel.

I threw in some old pics from past first days of school.
Including my own and my husbands.
The kids thought that this was great!

I love how it turned out.
It only took me 7 times of moving things around until I liked it.

I also decked out the piano as well.

I found all kinds of old school stuff at the thrift store.
An old staples box, and rulers again. This cool wood thing-not sure what it is, but I love the little compartments. Pottery Barn has something similar in their catalog.
I so love knocking off the PB!
I added some wooden numbers I had laying around.
No school vignette would be complete without an alarm clock!

This is me-I was a year older than 10 is now.

I had an old chalkboard kicking around.
My apple plate was a creation by my mom.
What? Your mom doesn't paint on random plates for the seasons?
 I think it would be super cute to put a school bus or a pencil out of vinyl on one.

I am SO not mom of the year.
My neighbors would agree with this because I am sure that they hear me yelling at my kids.
Yes-it's true. I am a yeller.
I am not ashamed of this. Nope! I think that I should make a shirt that says:
I'm a yeller.
Pretty sure that people would stop me in Target and ask me where I got it.

Every year before school starts-I make a pencil cake.
They LOVE this.
It's so easy and I am the most awesome mom ever when I do it.

Don't be. I just made the cake in a 9x13 pan and then cut the right side in a triangle.
Frosted it with my cool, pampered chef icing thing.
(purchase at the thrift store-new in box)
and Ta-DA!
Pretty sure I didn't even make the frosting.
Canned all the way baby!

Had to add candles. No cake is complete without them!
See-look how happy they are?

I had a friend tell me this idea the other day and I LOVED it!
She writes her kids a little note on some cute "back to school" paper.
She takes it with her to back to school night and slips it in their desk.
So, on the first day of school when they are a little jittery,
 they have a note from mom telling them how awesome they are!

Great idea right?
Thought that it would be cute to put a new pencil in the envelope,
Now, before you go thinking that is El-lamo to put a new pencil in the note.
My kids have an obsession with mechanical pencils.
I don't buy them because they break the lead all the time!
But-it's totally OK with me if they use them at school.

Alright-enough of me and my random thoughts!
If you fun "back to school" ideas, do tell.
I need to save up all the brownie points I can get.

Happy Thursday!
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  1. Oh my GOSH! You decorate for back to SCHOOL!
    You're just sick.
    LOL. jk.
    You're girls look adorable in the cake picture.
    So fun :)
    And I love the old pictures. ha!
    Great touch.

  2. I love the idea of decorating for Back to School. I'm bored of summer, but not quite ready for Fall. ;)

  3. Tausha, you ARE a great mom! How wonderful of you to make their going back to school extra-special and fun! I'm sure that helps them have a very positive outlook and attitude about school, which is great. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! I didn't even make my kiddoes a special breakfast this a.m.! Just blueberry waffles. I own them a pencil cake, maybe this weekend! xxxooo

  4. love love love the idea of flash cards! as soon as this storm is over im headed to di to search!

  5. Well, I think that's just about the coolest thing I've heard of lately! Very cleaver. You've got loads of talent and creativity. I've got to admit I like to decorate too, but haven't ever thought of School Season (maybe because I don't have children)I've decorated for Independence Day but there's a long lag between that and Halloween. So...YOU GO GIRL!

  6. I do the SAME thing! Decorate for back to school...I will be posting next week! I also blame my mom for the need to decorate for every holiday! GREAT job! The cake looks delish!

  7. You crack me up! I don't think I even have that much stuff for Halloween! And FYI, I went to the DI when I was there and found nothing. I think everyone has been watching you and snatches up the good stuff. I guess I have to travel way up north to get the good stuff!

  8. I love your back to school decorating! I thought I was creative by putting out a back to school flag and writing "back to school" on the chalk board in my dining room. Lame-o! Guess I need to do some more decorating!
    I love your blog - you have a great sense of humor! Oh, about the yelling t-shirt - I would so like to have one too!
    Check out my blog at
    Lori : )

  9. Cute decorations and you made a cake!!! You are such a great mom.

    I love to decorate for holidays too. I'm on my fourth Halloween craft - a little freaky for August. And I just got some supplies for a Christmas project! Love this time of year!!


  10. I think this is such a fun idea. My mom makes fun of me for making everything I do so seasonal. haha Your girls look so cute with the pencil cake. I think I will try some fun Back to School ideas. Our summer has been kind of ho-hum.

  11. "so i can put more crap on it" HILARIOUS! and i love your back to school cake... my girls would love that!


  12. i heart your back to school decor. i wish you would have shown a close up of the pic of kal. it. i love the pencil cake idea! i'm totally going to steal that next year when coop starts preschool

  13. I am so glad I saw this post. I have been thinking of decorating my mantle with pencils, apples, etc. for a back to school theme, but I wasn't sure. Now I think I have to, yours is so cute!

  14. This post made me laugh (in a good way). what a creative and fun mom you are! Great job! Thanks for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper @ The Virginia House!

  15. I decorate for back-to-school, too! Haha. I am glad to see I'm not the only one. I stack our old yearbooks on the table to add some height. Also, I was at the DI in Harrisville on Saturday (Sept 11) and I saw a fireplace! So if you still need it, head on over. It was still in the original box, even. It was in the "as is" outside section and it was $25. I don't know how big the mantel would be, but maybe your handy hubby can rig up some Pottery Barn knock-off mantel to go around it. Just thought I'd pass that on, in case you're interested. (I linked to you on, btw. I love your ideas!).

  16. it's official: in love with your blog. WHO decorates for school?!-you do! love!!!


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