Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little Extreme...

So, I change my hair as about as often as I change my furniture.
I had red hair this morning.
I wanted to go blonde
So my sweet sister said ok.
I was at the salon today for 7 hours!
I had color on my head almost that whole time.
Wait-not color, bleach.
For some reason-my hair would not take.
So my poor sister didn't have the best day today!
(sorry shawn-still love me)

Now I  am a blonde-for the most part.
She also cut it off-
Think of the judge Mia-on So you think you can dance!
Short, pixie.
I love it!!
It's still a little shocking-not going to lie-but it's growing on me.

So, instead of posting about my fourth of July decor-I was bleaching my hair.
Tomorrow-another post will be up tomorrow!
I also have an awesome giveaway from one of my fabulously talented friends.
Stay Tuned.....

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  1. SO....where's the picture of you and your fabulousness! What a tease;) Crazy, it took 7hrs? Sounds like it was all well worth it. Have a great holiday if I don't hear from you.

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite


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