Thursday, July 29, 2010

In case you missed it...

Hey All-
Hope you don't think that I am lame because I haven't posted.
Holy Crap-Life has been a little crazy the past few days.
I really just want to sit down, drink and diet coke and watch my dvr full of Friday Night Lights!
I know-how lame am I?

Anyway...more tutorials to come.
Bead board wallpaper-family room reveal...
I just need a day to recharge.
Don't leave me-I will be posting so much-you will wish I would just
( my husband thinks this all the time:)

In case you wanted to watch the TV segment on my kitchen redo-
click here!!



  1. Just watched your video from Studio 5. Love you! I think our personalities are twins!

  2. Hi! I am dying to know how you did your bead board! I bought everything I need to get started but I don't want to screw up so I'm patiently waiting for your bead board tutorial! Thanks so much for the info. so far. I've been wanting to paint my cabinets for a LONG time! :)

  3. I watched you on Studio 5 and you were great. I dont blame you for wanting to recharge, especially when you have Friday Night Lights on your DVR...that is probably my all time favorite show!

    PS...wanna come give me some ideas for my lame kitchen...I LOVED yours!

  4. I just watched the Studio 5 TOO! So glad I did. I was wondering how many rolls you had to use. ONE ROLL! No stinkin' way? That is a lot cheaper than the real stuff. Easier to CUT too! I'm in love with this stuff already. I totally love how it looks. Thanks for posting this! Enjoy your day off. You totally deserve it. Hey, thanks for stopping by and making me feel pretty darn special. Let me know how Enrichment turns out;)

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  5. Awesome Taush! You are seriously a natural! And wow!! Your kitchen looks amazing! So cute!


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