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How to spray paint your fridge..

Have you ever sat at your kitchen counter and wondered if you could spray paint your fridge? You all know that you have. Well, I am here to tell you that I can. Who knew right?
When I was doing my $300 kitchen makeover, & painting every flipping cabinet door and drawer and adding bead board wallpaper to the fronts, I thought,
"why not add more work to this super fun job and spray paint my fridge black?"

I figure since this is the post that I get the most questions on, I would put it up again. Just in case you wanted to refresh your memory. I have added some new info in RED throughout the post.
Just some stuff I learned or would do different!
Enjoy People!!

YES you can really spray paint your fridge!
Plus-it's easy and cheap!
You know me-these are my two favorite words.

I also did a tutorial on beadboard wallpaper!
You can find it here
Yep-it's a cheap, yet fabulous thing!
I always got you covered!!

So..lets get to the how to.

This is Appliance Epoxy.
It is $4.56 a can at Home Depot or Lowe's.
You can get it in either black, almond or white.
I really wanted red-but they didn't make it.
They do have this in a quart can and you can just paint or roll it on. Just in case you don't want to get the whole neighborhood to come help you move your fridge to the front yard.

My fridge is a side by side and I used 3 1/2 cans of this stuff.
I didn't plan well-so I had to stop mid- spray and go and get more.
truth-my dad went and got it for me...
I would recommend not doing this. But, sometimes it is inevitable.

This was my fridge before.
Isn't she fabulous?
I especially love all of the crap all over the front!

Honestly-the hardest thing about this whole project is that you have to move your fridge outside.
We have a appliance Dolly-so it was a piece of cake.
Cake...hmm that's not exactly true. It was simple for me, I just watched. 
My cute husband, was swearing at me!
with the help of my very nice neighbor-because I was way to chicken to help my husband
 guide it down my front steps (he didn't swear though)
If you have stairs in your home-I would recommend renting a dolly-if possible.

You have to thoroughly scrub your fridge.
Take off the vent front on the bottom and anything else that might be removable.
Your fridge will need to be outside for at least 24 hours-so plan accordingly with your food.

So, don't go grocery shopping right before you do this!
Unless of course you want to be like me and scrounge up coolers from all of your neighbors, because you have TOO much food in your house!

Also-plan on eating easy, doesn't have to be refrigerated, food.
My kids were complaining by the time the kitchen was done.
They were sick of sandwiches and pizza.
Hey, I figured they were lucky that I even fed them! :)

When u take everything outside-make sure that you vacuum your coils.
 It's much better to do this outside.
Also-Hose out your fridge while it is outside. Give it a good cleaning OUTSIDE!
I didn't do this, sooo wish that I would have.

It was not fun cleaning it once I brought it in.
It stunk until it got cold again (at least 12 hours), no matter how much I cleaned and scrubbed it.
 It was NASTY smelling-so prepare yourself.

You should use TSP to clean the surface of your fridge.

Make sure that you scrub the handles especially well.
This place seemed to have the most yuck on it. So, take a little bit of extra time on this.

This is the cleaner that I recommended you use to clean your cupboards before painting.
I LOVE this stuff!
It works so well- there is far less scrubbing when you use this.
Just make sure that you use rubber gloves (the disposable kind)
unless you would like your fingertips to be raw.
(this is very true as well!)

Once everything is scrubbed and the fridge is outside-your ready to paint!!
There is no need to prime or polyurethane when you are done.
So don't stress about this.

A couple of tips-
Wear a Mask while spraying.
I admit-I never do this.
( I really hope I don't die form inhaling too much spray paint fumes.)

This stuff is much more potent than the regular stuff.
Don't have a mask? Forgot it while you were just at Home Depot?
Tie a bandanna around your face-
you know, cowboy style!
You will then look as stylin as I did!
So wish I had a picture to show you how to awesome I looked, you all would be jealous!!

Your neighbors will drive by and wave at you hesitantly because really,  who spray paints their fridge..AND  wears a bandanna and safety goggles?
Wear safety goggles as well. This stuff really is sticky! Plus-it's hard to get your eyelashes unstuck.
I like to keep my neighbors guessing at what crazy thing I will spray paint next.
I also totally recommend doing this!
It's true-my neighbors know it's really spring when they hear the cans of spray paint in full force!
Forget the ground hog!

Also-wear crappy shoes with socks and long pants.
(even if you happen to be painting on the HOTTEST day of the year-still do this)
This stuff is sticky-and I had to practically bathe with paint thinner to get it off.

Not a tan line-epoxy line! 
Yes-I smelled as fabulous as it sounds!
TMI? Totally!

TAPE with FROG TAPE anything that you don't want sprayed. I taped my ice dispenser area thing.
I didn't think that it would be good to have my water and ice taste like epoxy.
This is not entirely true. I forget to tape the little things that you push to get the ice out. 
DUH Tausha! Make sure that you tape these as well.

Make sure that you can COMPLETELY leave your fridge alone for at least 9 hours.
It is best if you can leave it for a full day, at least 18 hours if possible. I really wish that i would have done this. Reason why-when we brought it in-the straps from the dolley rubbed on the handles and scratched the expoxy off. GRRR!!!  
The paint will dry to the touch in about 2, but it needs to dry for 9 for hard seal.
(18 if possible)
Wait at least 24 hours before moving the fridge back inside.
(I know that this is hard-but you must do this! I didn't wait as long as I should have, and well, we had a couple of spots that need a bit of touch up. Don't be inpatient on this step. You will thank me later..promise!!)
If you do this-you are far less likely to get scratches and nicks while moving.

On to the actual Spraying!!!
Yea finally!!

I was a little hesitant-so I started on the back of my fridge. I figured if it was horrible-nobody would see it.

Also-I sprayed a side of  my outside freezer before I even brought the fridge outside.
I wanted to make sure that it was really going to work.
So, if you are little hesitant and you do have an outside freezer-practice on that first.
You will feel better about the whole painting thing.

After you have practiced-go to town!
(this is not any harder than regular spray painting. If you don't have a steady hand, recruit someone who does. You DON'T want drips!)

DON'T spray too close-you will get runs and because this stuff is
 an epoxy, it's not exactly super simple to wipe this stuff off.
 Again..My fridge used 3 1/2 cans of paint.
I had to go and get more, so make sure that you have enough before you start.
It is much easier that way.

This paint is not like normal spray paint.
You can only re-spray your fridge within
 a 1/2 hour or 7 days later.

We learned this the hard way.


My husband tried to re-spray a couple of spots the next day-did NOT work.
(for the record, I told him not to touch it and he did not listen)
The paint started to bubble and we had to get some pant thinner STAT to fix the spot.
Just avoid the swearing and the headache and don't do this!!

Again-let the fridge dry for 24 hours before moving it inside.
When we moved our fridge inside-we used a blanket underneath the straps to protect it-we still got 2 scratches on the handles.
If this happens to you-go to Wal mart and buy a new black sharpie.
Works like a charm!
(well, it works like a charm if you need a quick fix. It does not permanently cover the scratches up)
I didn't want to re-spray IN my house-so this was a much better idea.

I also sprayed my hood above the stove.

You have to be really careful when you spray this NOT to get too close.
Because this is a smooth service, the paint is more likely to run.
Also-tape off the little switches for the fan and the light.
Mine turned our perfect!
(and has held up beautifully! NO problems what so ever with this!)

Overall-this invention of Appliance Paint-is the bomb!!
Don't be scared to do this.
You CAN NOT tell that my fridge was not black all along.
Even my Dad was impressed.
(he is never really that impressed with my spray painting projects)

Overall Rating of this project:
(5 stars)

Total cost:

Having the most fabulous looking fridge on the block:

If you want to read about my entire $300 kitchen redo-

Curious about how to re-paint your cabinets?
(No priming or sanding required..really)

Bead Board wall paper tutorial:

Ok- A couple of things that I learned,
 or have got questions on because I didn't think to post about in the first place.

You can paint anything that is metal with this paint. 
Gold fireplace metal thingy's-If you can't get this out-make sure you tape and plastic off everything!!!!!
washer and dryer's
any metal appliance.

I sprayed everything that you can see when the fridge is shut.
This included the gaskets. I had no idea what a gasket even was until I got this question.
If you too are confused by this term-I will define it for you.
The gaskets are the rubber seal things. Who knew?

I did not paint the gaskets inside!

Give your handles a good 2 cotes!! Make sure that you spray them within the first 24 hour time frame.  If you are doing this project while it is nice and warm, the epoxy will dry to the touch within 2 hours, like I mentioned above. I started painting in the evening, probably around 6. The reason why I am telling you this, is just so you know what temp it was. The high for the day was 102 so it was about 85-90-ish at that time.

So..if you are painting this at a different outdoor need to make sure that you plan accordingly for dry time!

One more thing-I am now going to look into having my water dispenser thing replaced with a black one. As I sit here and look at it, it's bugging me. It never has, until now. I'm sure if I leave the room, I will be fine. BUT, if you are a perfectionist (unlike me) you might want to do this.

OK, I lied, 2 more things. I did this in July of last summer. There may be more epoxy colors available now. Before you ask me if I have ever used the stainless steel paint to do anything with..NOPE-I have not. 
BUT-if you have, I would love to know how it turned out, so please share!!
When the snow clears out and the weather turns nice and 80-ish. I will be hauling out the fridge again to do the whole process all over. (much to my husbands chagrin) 
Unless, I can find a way to just do touch-ups. I highly doubt that this will happen, so pretty sure I will be re-painting the whole fridge!  
I am totally OK with this. It wasn't hard. The hardest part was unpacking all of the food and hauling it down the steep, concrete steps. (since I don't have to that part-it's a cinch!)

Also, this time around, I'm shipping the kids to Grandma's! She can feed them!
Love ya Mom!

Hope that this helped some of you!
Good Luck!!

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