Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cute as a BUG!

So..Today was TV.
I love going on TV!
Seriously, it is so fun and I am so blessed to be able to do it!
I love working with all of the people.
Really-it's a blast.

Anyway..I got to talk about how to decorate with vacation memories.
First, I have to say, this was a hard topic.
I had to really think outside of my little box.
It was a joy to do though, because I had to think outside my normal stuff.
Thought that I would share a couple of things with you.

But, first..if any of you are wondering about the Parade of Homes.
I forgot to mention that the home we did is #22.
It's located high on the mountain up here in North Ogden.
The show is open tomorrow until Sunday.
I will be there on Thursday night, just in case you wanted to stop by.
Please all come! The home is incredible and well worth the drive.
Besides-if you come up to my neck of the woods-you can stop at
Kurts Drive In and get a Pink Lemonaide Freeze! YUMMY!!
(it has sweetened condensed milk in it)
Seriously SOOO good!
Really, if you are coming, please let me know.
I would love to give you the grand tour!

Ok-on to some of the details.
If you want to watch the segment-click here.
Then come back for all the details.

First-I did this grouping or vingette all around this pic.
This picture is of my nephew. He was such a good sport to pose for this picture.
He hates bugs and this one was getting a little too close for his comfort.
I just added a bug net and lizards from the dollar store.
I finished it off with his rain boots and a old jar or marbles.

This would be darling in his room or on my sofa table.
It is so sommery and fun. Plus, it has a memory attached to it.
I also love that it is temporary. All of my homes decor is temporary.
I say change it up. It's cheaper than getting new stuff.
Plus-you love all of your old stuff all over again.
Try it, you will like it. Promise.

I thought that it would be super cute to use my girls character pictures on our family wall of pictures.
I thought that it added a fun element to the space.
Plus, they feel extrememly special when they see that they are showcased on the wall.
It was simple to frame them.
If you want to read about how I did it click here.

I mixed the pictures on the wall with current and old pictures.
I found an old family picture and stuck it in the mix.
It's my favorite one up there.
It's all about what makes you smile.
Your home should make you smile.

I also made a pillow out a picture.
Seriously-look how cute it turned out.

I used printable fabric paper.
This stuff is so awesome!
You just sew it on to whatever your little heart desires.
The brand that I used is called Printable Treasures.
I picked it up for $18 for 5 -8x10 sheets.
Did I mention that I loved how this turned out?
Wish that I could say that I sewed the pillow. all know better than that.
I tried to glue a pillow with this-didn't work.
It's a must sew to work.
Sorry-I tried to glue.
No workie.
If you can't sew, just find a friend and beg her.
Thats what I did.

I picked up the Printable Treasure Paper and the super cute Truck fabric at a local store here-

I just wanted to tell my fam thanks so much for helping me out today!
I love you so much and could't have done it without you!
You all Rock!!

PS-My new hair color.

Bet you can't tell we're sisters right?

Off to clean my house.
Maybe the dinner fairy will come later.
Better yet-a massage fairy.
Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind if the Laundry Fairy showed up.

Maybe, just maybe the fountain Diet Coke Fairy will come!

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  1. Hello! I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesday, so glad to have found your great blog. Hope you have a wonderful evening!


  2. Adorable pillow and the decorating with marbles is such a fun idea!

  3. Cute ideas! It was fun to see you on TV!

  4. whoever that girl is next to you sure is cute...

  5. Cute ideas! Love the jar of marbles. What a great and simple idea. Your hair looks awesome as well. It almost makes me think I could pull off lighter hair. :)

  6. What a precious vignette. Love the hair color, too Ü

  7. Very cute ideas and love the hair/color! Thanks for linking up to It's Party Time Thursday@PonyTails&FishScales! I am your newest follower!


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