Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Makeover....I am a FREAK!

Ok-So I know I should be posting on how to work with the fabulous bead baord wall paper-or how to spray paint your fridge.

I started another project this weekend and I am dying to get it finished!
So...Here is a before of my family room.

Soooo dark and sooo ugly.
I really hated this room!
Because I hated it-I never did anything with it.
This includes not cute accessories and very few spray paint makeovers.
Oh so sad!!

I will finished with the makeover by tonight.
Wish me luck.
It's supposed to be 100 flippin degrees today!
Why do I pick the hottest days to do stuff?

Off to get a Diet Coke!!



  1. B/c the hottest days are unfortunately the days that seem to magically be the most convenient. ;) Good luck!!!

  2. I want the time that you have! So jealous! Can't wait to see the makeover...


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