Thursday, June 3, 2010

Like a Pig to Mud...

Ok, so the title is a little off.
Whatever, I piqued your intrest right?
Even if I didn't, don't tell me. Lets just pretend.

So, I have 3 chickadees that live at my house.
I love all them-dearly.
I just don't always love their bedrooms.
Now, I really hope that I am not the only mom  out there who feels this way.

We are heading out on a family vacay next week.
I needed to clean out dressers and go through all the clothes to see what was needed for the trip.
Now, I knew that this was a monumental task.
I knew this going in.
I just wasn't quite prepared for 5's room.

I know, I know she looks all cute and innocent.
Hate to say this, but she is SOOO not that.

Let me start off by saying that I am a lot embarrased to show these pics.
Really, what kind of mother lets here children's rooms get like this?
I am ashamed to say, I do.
I would just shut the door. Out of sight, out of mind.

Ok-this is the before of her putrid little pig pen.

Nice huh?
Like I said, Mom of the year here.

SOOOOO much better.
After 4 hours of cleaning and sorting and organizing.
We are now at this point.
I had 5 bags of clothes and crap when I was all done.
There was wayyyy to much stuff!!
Needeless, to say, she doesn't need ANYTHING for the trip.

I realize on the after pics, there is more stuff in here room that wasn't there.
Not only did I clean, I re-decorated.
I know, I know, I am freak!!

Recognize that little pink wicker table?
I love it inside!
I am such a genius! Who would have thought to use an outdoor wicker table for a nightstand.
It really is late isn't it?
Ok-a few more pics.

Everything has a place now.
Ahhh much better.
Now, when I walk by I smile, not swear.

I have to show you this picture that I did for her.
I had a friend that made all of these watercolors for my girls.
I love them!
I lost G's-until yesterday.
I painted up a frame and glued the watercolor picture-directly to a quilted placemat.
I then glued the placemat to the mat of the frame and hot glued the whole thing together.

I think that the whole thing turned out pretty cool.
It looks like I quilted around it!
HA! That is funny!
You know me, I am a happy camper when my glue gun is close to me.

Ok-I am off to bed.
Heres to hoping that I inspire some of you to clean your child's room.
Or drink a Diet Coke.
I am good with either one!

Happy Friday!!



  1. her room looks fabulous! I especially love the cork board that was from my room growing up ;-) one day i shall decorate day

  2. That looks fabulous! And you aren't a freak for redecorating while cleaning. There isn't a better time to do it really! :) I bet she loves that new canopy/net above her bed.

  3. That is amazing!! Looks great!!

  4. Looks so good! I can totally understand the shutting the door (out of sight, out of mind) AND the redecorating while cleaning. You go girl! P.S. you left a sweet comment on my blog a few months ago. Tks!!


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