Wednesday, June 23, 2010

California...Knows how to Party!!!

So, our trip was fabulous!
My kids had a blast and we made so many memories with my family!

Each of my girls got to pick a souvenir from the trip.
They begged to have Character Drawings of themselves.
My little brother had this done when we went 15 years ago and all of us still remember it.
So..they each got one done.
It was amazing to watch this artist capture my chickadees personality in a drawing.
I look at them now and I am still amazed at her awesome skills!

I wouldn't let them look at them until I got them framed.
This was an eternity!
For both of us, because about every 20 mins they would ask me if I got them a frame yet.
After 2 days of begging-I went and picked up some frames from the DI.
I primed and sprayed them to match their rooms.
The girls love them!
They show all of their friends.
I must say-I am impressed with how they turned out.
Yes-they did make me want to swear more than a couple of times.
The picture was too big for a normal sized frame and yet too small for a big one.
It was OK-I drank a diet coke and I was much better.

10 is thrilled with hers! Every time she looks at it-she comments on how cool it is!

10's room is pink and brown. I added some ribbon trim to the mat because I couldn't get a straight edge.
I think it gives it some extra pop!


Isn't it so awesome that I am in the background?
Great Kodak moment there.

8's room is in blue and greens. I sprayed the frame with just a bit of a soft blue. The fabric behind it is a decorator fabric in a smoky blue. I just whitewashed the mat with acrylic paint.

For the next hour or so, I'm Mom of the year.
I am sure they will forget when I ask them to not drip lemon aide all over my mopped kitchen floor, or NO I will not feed the neighborhood Popsicles.
I know-I am so MEAN!

I have a segment on Studio 5  in a couple of weeks.
"Decorating with Vacation Memorabilia"
I made up this frame.
I must say-It turned out better than what I had pictured in my head.

I glued a 8x10 frame to the glass of a bigger frame.
I heart the finished project!
I took this fun pic of my girlie's feet at the beach.
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it, I just knew that I loved it!

I chose to use the colors, grey, light blue and white.
NONE of these colors are in my house.
Not one!
So, I am going to put this is my bathroom.
I am going to redo it in a couple of weeks and this will go perfect with my idea of what it will look like.

So, this is how I did it.
I primed and painted both of frames in semi gloss white-spray paint  (of course!)
I then wiped on some grey paint that I got out of the whoops paint at home depot.

I headed to my favorite fabric store-My Heritage Fabrics
and got this luscious blue damasik-ish print.
I printed the pic as a 5x7 and then stuck it to some blue polka dot paper and then some textured grey paper.

I Gorilla Glue epoxied the 8x10 frame to the glass of the bigger frame.
Let it dry overnight-for firm hold.

Did I mention that I love this!?
I love how it is dimensional.
It's unique and most of all-it completely showcases my girls personality.

Speaking of my girls-they are fighting and probably getting Lemon aide all over the floor.
I must run.
Happy Wednesday.
Tomorrow-you will get to see how my house has transformed to a festive 4th of July theme.
Yep-I even decorate for the holidays.
I blame my mother,
She is a freak too.
I still love her though!



  1. I LOVE the toes picture! SO SO SO cute! What a great frame TOO!
    Glad your back and bloggin' away!

  2. The frame on frame is an awesome idea - Love it!! And I absolutely adore the sandy feet pic : ) looks like you had a fabulous vaca!!

  3. does that mean you framed coopers pic as well and did something with my vacation pictures? I haven't the slightest idea what I can do with all of these character pictures...I think studio 5 viewers need some more masculine ideas for those who don't have girlies :-) you love me

  4. The frames turned out so good -glad California was a lot of fun.

  5. The shot of the girls' feet is FABULOUS!! It turned out better than I even think you had originally imagined.


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