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Spray Painting 101....

This is the segment that I did on Studio 5 today
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I was so inspired by all the fabulous projects over here! Go and check it out!!

I am pretty sure that these are two of my favorite words in the English language!
Spray paint comes in so many colors and finishes.
I am have yet to meet a decorating piece I couldn’t spray paint. (even Pillows!)
Now, I know you all spray painted something in your life. If you haven’t you are MISSING OUT!
It’s a quick, cheap, easy fix!
What do you spray?
Well anything that doesn’t move is a good start.
So, what can be spray painted?

Fixtures. Do you have brass fixtures at your house? How about doorknobs, light switches, lights, heat vents. Anything that is metal can be sprayed with very little skill.
So next time to head to thrift store, look at all the ugly brass stuff and know that it too can be beautiful.
This idea also goes for outside your home as well.

Edited to add:
YES! You can totally spray paint your front door. Just take it off the hinges first. The reason why you do this-is because if you take it off it's hinges and lay it flat-you have gravity on your side. It wont run!!! Yea!
Just make sure that you do a couple of coats of spray paint and a good coat of outdoor polyurethane. 
When I painted my door-I used spray paint on the first coat and then I rolled on a second coat with Red in behr paint and primer.
Hope that this makes sense!!

Before:                                                                            After:

Think outside:

Now, which one looks better? A quick coat of spray paint and voila!!!

PLASTIC-anything plastic can be spray painted. Those ugly plastic lawn chairs from wal-mart-need some color in your yard? Grab a can of plastic primer. YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST! They do have plastic spray paint-but they only lame colors at my Home Depot-so I did the primer and then a fun color.

I can't believe how fabulous it turned out!! I am going to do this to all of my chairs now.

Do you have a patio set that has seen better days? They have great hammered/metal/metallic spray paint. It looks awesome on metal patio sets.

How are your kitchen chairs looking? How about your barstools? Cupboard doors?

Go and find that perfect color and go to town. When you are finished with the paint make sure to hit it with a coat of spray polyurethane. This will protect it from getting knicks and scratches.

How many of us have a wicker chair or two or passed one up at the thrift store because it was looking a little ragged? A quick coat of spray paint will do just the trick to liven it up! Think of it as happy painting. You will want to prime wicker first. This will cut down on the amount of paint that you use. I used Rustoleum and it worked fabulously!

Before                                                                                After

So much cuter!! I love this color!!

There are tricks to spray painting. I have learned most from trial and error. So, I can save you a lot of frustration and maybe one or two swear words.

First: You must get good spray paint. But the stuff that is 3 dollars a can instead of a dollar. I promise it works better. I prefer Rustoleam 2x coat. This stuff is by far the best on the market. It covers beautifully and in half the time.

Second: Make sure whatever you are spraying is clean and dry. Wipe it with a damp rag or spray it down with the hose if you need to. It really is not that fun to spray cobwebs.

Third-Primer. A lot of people won’t spray without this. I used to be one of the ones who never did. I have never learned my lesson and I will ALWAYS prime!!!
Primer gives the spray paint something to stick too. This is what you will want to do on ceramic and glass espescially!


Primed with Rustoleum Primer


Fourth: Stand at least 24” away from what you are spraying. I know, you are excited to get this done, but if you stand too close, it will run. PROMISE!
Then you will swear and get mad....just do what I say k?☺

Fifth-Don’t rush the drying process. I am an extremely impatient person. I hate to wait! But, when it comes to this. Time is your friend. Especially if you are going to be sanding anywhere that you have sprayed. If the paint is at all tacky when you try to sand-lets just say it’s definitely not a fun thing. Just wait.

Sixth-If you want it to be protected-use a coat of poly. It wont be super shiny or anything. It just gives it a finish and a protect ant coat.  If you are keeping your item outside-use outdoor poly. This will protect from sun, moisture and temp. It's a little more, but sooo worth it.

Ok-I told you that you can paint pillows.
You really can.
I wouldn't put them in my house or anything, but they are perfect for outside!!

I got an ugly leather pillow at the thrift for $1.00-
I thought what the heck. went from this... (ugly..i know)

To this: (I primed in between steps)
I thought it needed a little something so I added the polka dots.
Everything is cuter with polka dots!!

I tried this on a pillow form also.
I love this!
 I know this look isn't for everyone, but it's a cheap alternative to the expensive outdoor pillows.
I polyed both of the pillows to protect them.
If I were to do this pillow again....

I would have primed it first. Then painted it green, then added the vinyl polka dots, then sprayed aqua.

Did you get all that?

So...I am pretty sure that anything that doesn't move can be spray painted.
I would spray paint my children if they held still long enough! ☺

So...go outside and spray paint will make you feel good!!
Don't forget the Diet Coke!!

Happy Painting!!


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  1. spray paint is awesome...I've even converted some neighbors. 2 weeks ago I spray painted my floor vents and then last week I painted my pocket door latch (they didn't carry silver in the size I needed, so I changed the gold nastiness myself:)

  2. Ah, the wonders of spray paint. Fabulous ideas!

  3. no way! I've always wanted pillows outdoors...but I knew I'd have to put them away every night. I think I'm diggin' this. Thanks!

  4. How cool, great idea w/the pillow!

  5. I knew the possibilities of spray paint were endless, but I never thought of using it on fabric or pillows. Great job, thanks for sharing!

  6. Love it all!
    I especially love that CUTE painted pitcher!

    And the pink table... of course :)

    Can't wait to see your spot on TV.

    See ya at lunch, girl!

  7. I just saw you on Studio 5 and I LOVED the segment. So i decided to check out your blog! You are very creative! Thanks for the step by step tutorial on the blog on how to do this. It makes me think I can actually try it if I know I have detailed instructions (along with your little tips which I KNOW will make a difference!) So adorable! :)

  8. Congrats on Studio 5! I am in love with spray paint. It's my favorite thing in the world! I love the bright colors you picked. They are so happy and cheerful! Everything turned out great!

  9. I loved your segment on Studio 5!!! You didn't spraypaint your door, right? Or is that a possible way to paint your door? Obviously I haven't done my door yet :P

  10. One question...Where do you get the vinyl dots you use??? I love them!

  11. I think spray paint is a girls best friend!!

  12. Fabulous post! I wish I would have seen this a couple hours ago...I just came inside from spray painting (even though I'm kind of horrible at it!)

  13. What a great post! I love all the things you've spray painted!

  14. Great ideas! I never would have thought to spray paint my front door... but why not?! I'm stopping by from NFF. Love your blog! I am following now. We have a give-away going on at Oopsey Daisy and a link party for Baby Ideas. Have a great weekend!


  15. Ha! And I thought I painted everything. :) I love that there are so many great paint products out there these days and you really can paint anything. The plastic paint is one of my favorite inventions. I used it on the exterior of my house to take my plastic shutters from faded baby blue to a sleek black. I did that over 3 years ago and they still look great. No fading, chipping, anything.

  16. You certainly have shown everyone how to wield that can. I've only sprayed a laundry basket but it came out very well. Jane F.

  17. Okay, so can I just tell you how much I loved your segment yesterday!?? I love all these things you did (especially the pillows, holy cow! How fun!) Maybe you could feature this on our swap? Let me know! I love it! Thanks for linking up! :)

  18. Thanks for this post. I have many many things that need painting. I like fast...spray paint seems the way for me. Oh Hello! I appreciate your blog very much.


  19. Everything IS cuter with polka dots!

    Hi! Just popping by from New Friend Friday. I am now following you with Google Friend Connect. Come visit us at

  20. Just found your blog from New Friend Friday...Love it! I am a big fan of all things "repurpose", and spray paint is a huge part of that! Great detailed post!

  21. I saw you on Studio 5. Well done! I love it!



  22. I would have never thought to spray pillows. I love spray paint, matt black is my favorite for fall/halloween time. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I love spray paint!! Thank you for this tips on varying surfaces!! I have two outside chairs that DEFINTELY need spray painted pillows!!!

    Thank you for the inspiratioN!!

  24. Agreed the pink table is so much more fun in that pink. The thumbnail of the green chair and pillow caught my eye but the pink table stole my heart. :)

  25. Tausha!

    Love those pillows. Darling - those polka dots are great! And your door looks wonderful!

    Awesome job my friend!


  26. I want to run out and buy spray paint! I love the pink wicker table! Those pillows are adorable too!

  27. Good day! Soooo glad to have found this post today (I came over from Kim's Everything Etsy). Great instructions, and I just can't wait to turn all these white lawn chairs into gorgeous lime green accent pieces! Thanks a bunch! Mary

  28. Don't you just love spray paint? Those all look great. thanks for joining Favorite Things Friday this week!

  29. Hi! Just stopping by from New Friend Friday. I am now following with Google Friend Connect. Come visit us at!

  30. Hi there! I loves my spray paint, too! I won a blog award today and now I'm passing it on to you two! Come check it out here:

    Thanks for the inspiration! ♥ Laurie at Scene of the Grime

  31. Great post! I too love spray painting! Our front step was cracked and unfinished looking so I took a can of textured spray paint and it looks brand new! I found you on New Friend Fridays @ The Girl Creative! I'm also you're newest follower!


  32. The outdoor pillow idea... LOVE it! I have some pillows on my couch that have seen better days and I was thinking about putting them outside and YES now I can make them last!! Thanks for linking up with my Scrappy Saturday too ;) Great painting ideas, I LOVE spray paint :)

  33. I'm a huge fan of spray paint, and i'll paint just about anything, and now I'll spray paint pillows..

    I'm featuring this at my Get Your Craft on Thursday Party, so if you would like to stop over and grab my I was featured button please feel free to do so!

  34. I have spray paint in my veins, and I loved this project. I'm always delighted when I pop over here.

  35. Love love love the pillows! I have been looking for some cute spray paint colors for my back patio. Where did you find them? And guess what they do have palstic coverying spray paint go check it out at walmart! Thanks for the great idea!

  36. I would have never thought to spray paint pillows! I love that spray paint can.... but you've taken it to a new level! Thanks for planting your creative seeds at Plant a Punkin Seed Party! Come plant again on Friday!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  37. Love it! Did you use a stencil for the polka dots?

    xoxo Cat @

  38. Very fun tips!! Love the plastic chair redo! I have a couple that I might just have to tackle!!

  39. I am so inspired to go out and paint my patio funiture!

  40. Totally cute! Thanks for all the tips...I needed these!


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