Friday, May 7, 2010

Spray Paint oh how I love you.....

So-I decided to give you another oldie but goodie post.

You know any post that starts out with a picture of spray paint has to be good-right?

This beauty is called "Mediterranean" by Valspar.

Oh-I think I love it. I am looking around trying to find more things to paint this color.

So....this is what I did with it I cut a hole in a chair from a yard sale. The chair cost me $2.00!

(Who am I kidding-my hunny cut the whole)

I so could have, and I was going to, but he wouldn't let me.

Then I stuck a pot of flowers in it.

I love it!! My dad says it looks like a porta potty-so, I guess it has two uses, if push comes to shove.

Who knew my treasures could be categorized in Emergency Preparedness. :)

I know, I am little late in doing this. There are lot of fabulous bloggers who have already done this-I just never found the right thing to use.

Until Saturday.

This beauty of a tray was 50 cents!! (the guy even threw in a bucket of nails for free-a girl can never have too many nails-right)

Anyway-the center if a mirror-

I just got out the yummy butter color spray paint and my second best friend-chalk board paint.

This is what it ended up like. I so love it! It looks super cute in my kitchen.

My kids want me to put the menu on it.

I told them maybe.

If I do this, I will be much more obligated to make dinner.

No girl wants to be tied down like that!!

Hope you all have a great day!!!

PS-I have new kits listed in Etsy!


  1. Just to let you know when my husband was little they didn't have an outhouse at their lake place and his mom cut a hole out of a chair just like the one you have and the boys had to use it when they had to go ... So your Dad was right on. Now luckily they have a cabin up there with running water. Great job by the way. The chair looks super cute. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

  2. I'm LOVING the chalkboard platter!
    So cute!

  3. Amen! Thank goodness for spray paint! Love your little chair!


  4. What a great idea with the torn chair and flower pot! I never would have thought of that! Hope yall have a great weekend! ~andrea

  5. I love it! I did this same thing on my blog:) I'm a new follower.

  6. Cute, cute cute!!! I love those. That chair is adorable. And I love that lemony yellow - yummy!

    Happy Mother's Day my friend!



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