Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some THRILLING info....

So, here I sit.
In my bed, on drugs
because my mouth hurts.
It's ok cause it's a good hurt.
I know that the problem is fixed, so I can deal with this.
It's just kind of sucking right now.

Who would'nt want to sit in bed and watch tv?

I need to create and I just don't feel it would be wise to inhale spray paint fumes while on narcotics.
I'm just sayin...

So, here I sit, trying to think of something crafty to talk about.
Or, maybe something profound to share.
I have got nothing.

So, I thought I would ask a couple questions of you and then share some awesome stuff that is sure to inspire you all.

First-We are heading out to Cali in a couple weeks with my WHOLE family. We are driving and hitting all the major cali hot spots. Disney, Universal and Sea World. There will be memories made and a golden tans achieved! question is: 
My girls ages are 5,8 and 10.
I have been gathering little surprises for them and some NEW things for the ride.
We purchased a two screen dvd player, this is purely for selfish reasons for myself.  This should offer a couple hours of quiet.
 Does that make me a better mom because I am honest?
I also am planning on bringing lots of diet coke and m&m's. 
I am NOT going to share! :)

I am not having a hard time coming up with stuff for 5 to do. She is the easy one. It's the other two that are kind of stressing me out.

So I come to you for some advice. Please, help me out.
Give me your best tips. Please?!!

Now, onto some inspiration.
I love blogs-but I get stuck on my favorite and don't tend to stray. 
Sometimes it's because I don't know where to go to find fabulous.
So, I thought I would help you out.
Let me know what you think.

I know that probably every body already knows about Shelley, but just in case there are a few who don't.
Shelley is fabulous! She is freaking awesome when it comes up to making stuff out of nothing with even less money!
You will love her and her home! Plus-she does vinyl and it is the best vinyl I have ever used-Hands down!!

Jennie does does some darling stuff! She has great ideas! She is sure to inspire!  
I know at I was-the first time I found her!
Your Welcome!!

Create Something Beautiful.

Michelle makes all kinds of beautiful things. Doesn't this pic make you want to move in?
She crafts, designs, you name it she does it. Her blog is a great source of inspiration. Tell her I sent you, you will be so glad that you stopped by!!

Ok-go and check them all out! I promise-you will be thrilled that you did!!
Happy Wednesday!!



  1. Wow! Thanks Chica!
    I LOVE that welcome sign, so cute!
    I hope your mouth feels better... I KNOW it will, because now you have NO tooth. LOL... but I hope you feel like YOU sooner than later.

    Enjoy the down time... I wish I had an excuse for some. :)

  2. My goodness you have had a time with your tooth. Rest. Cause from reading here I know you have energy! We are taking a short weekend hubs and I love to go out and rummage together.


  3. So, I'm reading your blog and seeing little Miss Smith and nodding my head, "Yeah, she is SO amazing and I TOO love her blog." Then I scroll down and see ME! NO stinkin' way?! Thanks for lovin' little 'ol me just as much as the rest. You made my day! As for your poor teeth...I'm sorry this just never ends! I'm glad you are in "good" pain. Does that mean there's a light at the end of this tunnel? Hope so!;) Thanks again.

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  4. So sorry about your mouth. Any pain in the mouth makes me super cranky....

    We love to do MadLibs in the car. Yes, it can get a little monotonous(sp?), but the kids love it. You can find the books almost anywhere. I always make sure each kid has their own back pack or bag packed with whatever they choose -- like a book or ipod or Nintendo game, etc. The DVD players are the best ever -- couldn't be without those. Have a great trip!

  5. Tausha, thank you for the shout out! Your sweet words made my day!
    I hope you feel better soon!
    I agree with Karen, each child brings their choice in a backpack...we always like to sing too...bring some Tom Petty and Jimmy Buffett CD's!:)Have fun!

  6. I'm sorry your mouth hurts! I hope you feel better soon! Your Calif rip sounds so fun! I don't know if I have any great advice. I usually stick some movies on.

    Love Shelley - I will check out those other blogs too! Thanks for the tips!


  7. you're so good. i have yet to prepare anything for my boys other than the dvd player. they have this hangman thing from melissa and doug..i almost got it for your girls for looks perfect for the car

  8. my girls are still too young but i once saw a travel scavenger hunt. they look for things like a rest stop, a red truck, a semi, a Taco Bell, etc. just stuff they'd find on the road trip. then they get to pick a prize when they either complete the list or whoever has the most at the end of the ride. add things they like and could find in a truck stop: a favorite candy bar, a favorite movie, disney princesses, hello kitty, etc.
    hope you feel better soon. i love your blog and don't usually comment. but i look forward to your cute posts. especially your spray paint projects. i keep telling myself to be brave. ;)

  9. Oh Dear I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Hey dear!
    Yes, bags for each kid and I'm liking the idea of a travel scavenger hunt. (I'm going to have to remember that one) Hell, we have dvd players too and my kids are much younger than yours but they work wonders! Don't feel bad about that!
    One more thing, not sure when you are leaving, but you could always say, if you are good, we can stop and see your favorite Bagley's in Vegas on the way...

  11. And one more thing, let me know how Universal is. We are thinking of going there instead of Disneyland this time. We also went to Legoland last week and it was a lot better than I thought it would be, but it might be to young for 10.

  12. i want to hear how the tv worked? that's the best thing we ever ever did!!! in fact i feel like a good mom, if it's somehow educational movie they watch like toy story two teaches TONS!! lol. so sorry about your toothache! love, the frames, they look awesome!

  13. Hi, I'm your newest "stalker". Love the blog. You have probably already thought of this, but when I was younger we always played the license plate game. We would take a notebook and see how many different states we could find. You would be amazed. My mom and I with my 2 girls go on trips to visit my grandmother and we still play. Mom always brings a new notebook and we play the game along the way and write down things we want to craft, sew, books we want to read, etc. Just a thought!! Have a safe and happy trip!! :)


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