Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey Ya'll hows your Wall?

If you want to watch the segment on Studio 5-click HERE

Seriously-pretty sure that is the most lamest title ever!!!
Lucky You!
I promise that the post is not lame-just the title.
Hey, I can only be so awesome in one day.! :)
First, I am so happy to report that I have NO tooth pain!
Super happy about this!

So..Studio 5 is today.
They wanted me to talk about unique wall decor.

I had this most awesome idea.
Then, I went to carry it out-and it was so not awesome!
I hate it when that happens.
I changed gears and went a different way.

I like this way much better anyway.

I went to the thrift store and found some square frames for a BUCK!!
I love it when I get deals like that.
Anyway-I also picked up some gorilla glue epoxy.
If you haven't used this stuff-you so should!!
It's the!
Super simple to use-the are direction on the pkg-so I wont bore you those.

I sprayed the frames with my fav. spray paint colors.
I then used some fabulous fabric to cover up the ugliness that was in the frame.
The green damask is amy butler and I LOVE IT!!
I just want to wrap myself up in this fabric.
But..I wont-cause thats just weird.
I then glued some 70's funky, plastic butterflies to the glass with the epoxy.(i spray painted these first)
These will go in 5's room.
I love how the butterflies seem like they are flying off the glass.


I used wooden spoons from the dollar store for the 2nd one.
I just painted them to match the fabric with some acrylic paint.
I sanded the edges and then inked them with chocolate ink-cause I wanted to.
I also epoxied these directly to the glass.
This will reside in my kitchen above my countertops.

So at 5's kindergarten graduation-her Fantastic teacher did this silhouette as a gift to the parents.
She loves this!
She specifically asked me if we could go to the DI and get a frame for it!
That's my girl-thrift stores all the way!!

I just primed the frame then painted it with Rustoleum Apple Green
I painted the mat with apple green acryclic and then dry brushed it with some white paint.

We both love the finished project.
Not too bad for $1.00!
Now, if only her room could be cleaned as easily as this little piece of art was transformed.
I told her I was going to yell when I cleaned her room later this week.
She just looked at me and said-
"don't you always yell?"
I promptly yelled back-NO!

Yep-I am the most awesome mom ever!!!
I will add the TV segment later today if you want to watch it!
Happy Tuesday all!!



  1. Love all of them! Come see me - I'm giving 3 glamalicious Sam Moon cuff bracelets away!!! ♥Laurie

  2. Oops, here' the blog addy:

  3. Oh wow! THOSE are all so darling! Love the butterflies! Look forward to watching you! :)

  4. I LOVE it all! The green demask is SOOOO cute! I need some of that. LOL

  5. You did a fabulous job today! One question for you? I really need to change the color of my ugly yellow backsplash. Could I spray paint it? Just askin'. :)

  6. hey, i just want let u know that i got to see your beautiful work today at the Studio 5 show and i can't wait to start "coping" some of your creative ideas!! thank you so much for sharing all that stuff, and congrats for the cute things you get to create and invent!!! i'm excited to see what else is coming in this blog, i'm spreading the word!!!

  7. I LOVE the spoons!!! And we want to frame Aubrey's shadow... but I wasn't sure how... thanks for the idea.

  8. i love the shadow of grace!! so cute


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